Gut Check Championship Series

Gut Check Championship Series: Sadowski vs King full results

Gut Check Championship Series, Delaware’s premiere kickboxing and Muay Thai promotion returned with another packed house to the Delaware State University Early College H.S. Hall on Saturday June 22nd for a night not soon to be forgotten.

Headlined by Yamasaki Muay Thai’s Ron King III who took on Chok Dee Athletics’ Mikey “Beefcake” Sadowski in a full rules Muay Thai contest. This. Contest had fireworks written all over it well before the first bell sounded. Sadowski, although lacking in ring experience to King, on paper, was just as game as his opponent from the jump. With Sadowski’s record standing at 4-3-1 to Kings 12-10 record it was an action packed minute and 50 seconds until a head kick from King would find his toenail in Sadowski’s eye. A one in a million shot would unfortunately be the end of the contest, as Sadowski couldn’t see, therefore, couldn’t continue to compete. Ruling the contest a TKO stoppage win for Ron King III. Although, it wasn’t the way either fighter wanted the bout to go, it was a great scrap until the ruling and hopefully these two warriors agree to run it back in a rematch.

Other notable fights of the evening came on behalf of Devin Soliwoda and Ibrahim Shaw displaying what determination and heart is all about in combat sports. Soliwoda is improving by the day, and came into this contest with fire in his eyes. Scoring two knockdowns that had Shaw stiff in his tracks in round 1 and 2. Shaw got back to his feet both times and showed the tenacity of a true veteran, fighting until the closing bell. The bout was scored decisively for Soliwoda, but both fighters left the venue with newly gained fans for their efforts.

Chris Joynt of Juniper Muay Thai and Joshua Moon had one of the most technical Muay Thai fights in the history of Gut Check Championship Series, and utilized every aspect of the rule set. With lead elbows to work into the clinch for heavy knees, Joynt was on a mission in this bout, dictating the pace from the start. Moon would find his own knees in the clinch, and tried to hunt his foe when Joynt would lay off. However, the persistence, pressure, and sheer output scored the bout unanimously for Joynt in an beautiful display of Muay Thai.


(Full Rules Muay Thai-125 lbs) Ron King III def. Mikey Sadowski via 1st round TKO

(Full Rules Muay Thai-120 lbs) Shannon Murphy def. Denise Wunder via Unanimous Decision

(Full Rules Muay Thai-155 lbs) Chris Joynt def. Joshua Moon via Unanimous Decision

(Exhibition Muay Thai-155 lbs) Harry Smithe vs. TJ Hernandez (Not scored)

(Muay Thai-160 lbs) Devin Soliwoda def. Ibrahim Shaw via Unanimous Decision

(Glory Rules-140 lbs) Jason Oakes def. David Ham via Majority Decision

(Glory Rules-150 lbs) Ed Marcavage def. Will Delaney via Split Decision

(Muay Thai-165 lbs) Dylan Hewitt vs. Alex Gregor fight to a Draw

(Muay Thai- 150 lbs) Joe Ergood def. Boaz Lyu via Unanimous Decision

(Muay Thai-Heavyweight) Claude Semexant def. Greg Hammond via Unanimous Decision

(Muay Thai-195 lbs) Kevin Flagler def. Travis Dougla via Unanimous Decision

(Glory Rules-140 lbs) George Byers def. Fermin Ramos via Unanimous Decision

(Glory Rules-130 lbs) Maruf Mahmud def. D’Andre Tharpe via TKO (Shoulder injury)

(Glory Rules-115 lbs) Ashton Hefner def. Sergio Andrade via TKO (Leg kicks)

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