Bas Rutten undergoes major neck surgery, recovering, feels well

Legendary mixed martial artist and current Inside MMA broadcaster, Bas Rutten is recovering after a scheduled neck surgery that was performed yesterday.

“OK, tomorrow morning very early I go in for another neck surgery, a big one this time, 5 hours he said, but this one should take care of all my problems.It’s pretty much my first and second surgery that I had, in one.

First they go in from the front, apparently bone grew over my three disc fusion, so they have to drill that off first, then, they said, two discs fused, two other ones didn’t, so they have to re-plate the ones that didn’t and an extra one, C4.
Then they turn me over on my belly, go in from the back and make the holes around my nerves wider so that all the nerves are floating freely again.

That means that I am probably not going to answer tweets and FB messages for a little bit, so if you wonder, now you know why!

Godspeed all!”

Rutten’s Facebook page also shows a picture of him after the surgery that read “all good in the hood.” 

He later posted “So funny, my wife posted that pic for me (Selfie in Hospital), when I saw it I realized I actually made it?! Haha. But it’s all good, will tell you more tomorrow, little “off” right now.
Nerve activity jumped 35% they said (had hooked me up on a machine)
Thanks everybody for the best wishes, it was really overwhelming, MUCH appreciated!!
Be back later for more info


Get well soon El Guapo


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