Klidson de Abreu

Brave champion Klidson de Abreu honored for his achievements by local city

Klidson de Abreu captured Brave Combat Federation’s Light Heavyweight belt in August, and since then, the new champion has been waiting on the wings for his first title defense. However, he paused his training regimen for a few hours as the Brazilian was honored in Laranjeiras do Sul’s Birthday parade. The city celebrated its 71st anniversary this week and had a special place for Klidson on its traditional parade.

Wearing a gi from his Gracie Barra gym, the jiu-jitsu black belt showed his Brave belt to his counterparts in a memorable parade where he was one of the personalities honored for getting the name of Laranjeiras do Sul to the world. While Abreu was born in Manaus, he lived in the Southern city for a few years as he became a jiu-jitsu world champion at brown belt while training in the local Gracie Barra.

While preparing for his two Brave wins, the Evolução Thai fighter also used the Gracie Barra Laranjeiras do Sul facilities and coaches to train and sharpen his jiu-jitsu on the way to victories over Artur Guseinov and Timo Feucht, when he became the first-ever Light Heavyweight champion at Brave 8: The Rise of Champions, in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná state, where Laranjeiras do Sul is also located.

“It was amazing to be honored alongside my Gracie Barra teammates at Laranjeiras do Sul’s Birthday parade. I’m not from here, but I’ve lived in the city for a few years as I started training in Gracie Barra, and I was here to train for my last fights, so I offered the belt to them as well. They have been instrumental in my road to the Brave title, so this belt is the City’s belt too”, says Klidson, who insisted on wearing his gi for the parade.

“We all decided to wear a gi because we wanted to represent jiu-jitsu as well and show everyone that the sport is great for the city. I also wanted people to know that I come from Gracie Barra and I also represent them alongside my family at Evolução Thai”, claims the Brazilian.

His training at Laranjeiras do Sul’s Gracie Barra clearly paid off as Klidson de Abreu has submitted his two opponents inside the Brave cage, finishing Guseinov, at Brave 4 with a rear-naked choke and forcing Feucht to tap with an armbar to become the Light Heavyweight champion at Brave 8.

Klidson de Abreu’s win over Timo Feucht:

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