CES 60 results: John Gotti III tested, earns decision to remain unbeaten

On Friday night, CES MMA kicks of their 2020 calendar year with three title fights at CES 60. The event takes place at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI and will be headlined by a vacant featherweight title bout between Matt Bessette and Charles Cheeks III.

In welterweight action, John Gotti III returns to action to face Marcos Lloreda. Gotti III, the grandson of the infamous mob boss, has won all four of his professional fights in impressive fashion. The 27-year-old has not seen a second round and looks to improve upon his impressive first round finish of David Espino at CES 56 in May.

Lloreda was originally scheduled to face Gotti III at CES 59 in October before his opponent was forced to withdraw with an eye injury. A 12-fight veteran out of Miami, Lloreda heads into the event with back-to-back wins, and victories in four out of his last five. Most recently, the 27-year-old Lloreda defeated Sanad Armouti, who replaced Gotti III at CES 59.

Here is how the welterweight fight between John Gotti III and Marcos Lloreda went down at CES 60, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


This place is jam packed and there are several hundred John Gotti III supporters. Biggest pop of the night by far and it’s not even close. The “Gotti” chants fill the Twin River event center, and we are under way. High kicks early from Lloreda. Gotti III remaining very patient as he eats a leg kick. Jab from Gotti III and Lloreda lands a high kick, showing he’s very comfortable in this spot. Another leg kick from Lloreda and Gotti explodes with a combination. Another kick from Lloreda, and another to the body of Gotti III. A kick low from Lloreda and the referee stops the action. Gotti III is not happy at all about it and walks it off. Gotti III eats another leg kick and swings for the fences. Big combination from Gotti III, Lloreda answers and lands a wheel kick. Wild exchange as Gotti III looks for a takedown. Lloreda gets on top and takes his back with more than half the round to go. Lloreda trying to work a rear naked choke and Gotti III explodes out to end up on top. “Gotti” chants continue as Lloreda throws a leg up for a triangle. Gotti drops a huge right hand with 90 seconds to go. Gotti lands a right hand and stands back up. Lloreda lands a crazy kick off of his back and Gotti jumps back on top with a flurry. Lloreda looks like he’s good to go as he gets back to his feet. Gotti III smothers him against the fence as the round ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Gotti III


Leg kick from Lloreda lands and Gotti answers with a big body kick. Spinning kick to the body lands from Lloreda, Gotti tries to answer with a combination. Gotti shoots for a takedown and Lloreda stuffs it, landing a kick to the body. Gotti with a combination, Lloreda lands a counter leg kick. They clinch against the fence and both guys trade in close. Gotti gets separation after Lloreda comes up short with a knee. Lloreda using his length very well in the round and Gotti lands a hard right hand. Lloreda throws a jumping knee, Gotti catches it and dumps him to the mat. Under two minutes to go and Gotti takes his back, as you can see the redness on Gotti’s thigh; nasty. Gotti has one hook in and lands a pair of hammer fists. Lloreda able to get to half guard and Gotti lands a big elbow. Final 30 seconds of the round, Gotti stands up and tries to land a bomb on Lloreda. The bell sounds as Lloreda tries to throw up a triangle.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Gotti III


Leg kicks from Lloreda and another wheel kick to the body. Gotti ties his opponent up and almost ran the referee over. Gotti with a sloppy shot and Lloreda tries to sprawl. Gotti is able to finish the takedown and end up on top. Gotti trying to get to side control, but Lloreda is doing a nice job avoiding any real damage. Gotti takes the back and Lloreda uses his feet to explode off the fence, ending up in full mount. Big punches from Lloreda and transitions to the back, both hooks in. Lloreda looking for an armbar, Gotti trying to defend. Transition to a triangle and Gotti is free from any danger. Hammer fist from Gotti, who moves to side control. Lloreda gets to his feet, Gotti takes him right back down. Final minute of the fight and Gotti takes Lloreda’s back. Big right hands from Gotti as he looks for the rear naked choke. Side control for Gotti now and Lloreda scrambles to take Gotti’s back as the fight ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Gotti III


Official result: John Gotti III def. Marcos Lloreda via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

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