CES 60 results: Blaine Shutt gets split nod, becomes inaugural CES flyweight champion

On Friday night, CES MMA kicks of their 2020 calendar year with three title fights at CES 60. The event takes place at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI and will be headlined by a vacant featherweight title bout between Matt Bessette and Charles Cheeks III.

In the first of three title fights, history will be made as the first ever CES flyweight champion is scheduled to be crowned as Johnny Lopez takes on Blaine Shutt. Lopez is riding an impressive four fight winning streak and has been victorious in 11 out of his last 12 heading into this big opportunity. Most recently, “Mr. Nice Guy” defeated Dan Cormier at Bellator 232 in October, following wins over Johnny Campbell, Josh Ricci and Billy Giovanella.

Pennsylvania’s Shutt is looking to get back into the win column following a unanimous decision loss to Sean Santella at September’s CFFC 78 event. “The Shutdown” has flip-flopped wins and losses over his last six fights for CFFC, Shogun Fights, Art of War and WCC.

Here is how the inaugural flyweight title fight went down between Johnny Lopez and Blaine Shutt at CES 60, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


They meet in the center and Shutt throws a leg kick early. Lopez lands a left hand before tying Shutt against the fence. Both guys trade short punches in the clinch and Lopez is looking to drag Shutt to the mat. Shutt reverses and lands a beautiful judo throw. Lopez gets right back to his feet and works a single leg. Knee to the body from Shutt and another. Lopez remains in control against the fence position-wise but not much going on in terms of scoring as we’re halfway through the opening round. Lopez working for a takedown. They separate with 45 seconds to go. Lopez lands a hard leg kick in the closing seconds of the round as the bell rings.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Lopez


Shutt comes out with a combination that just misses. Another right hand, left hook combo lands for Shutt and Lopez returns fire. Shutt with a clean jab and Lopez answers with a leg kick. Both guys trade leg kicks and Shutt lands a left hook to the head. Shutt lands a left hand, just misses with ta right over the top. Simultaneous leg kicks from both fighters that leads to a pair of smiles. Shutt pushes Lopez against he fence as he looks for a takedown. Lopez separates and they trade punches. Lopez able to control the clinch battle now, landing short right hands. Final 90 seconds of the round and the clinch battle continues. Shutt separate and partially lands a clinch knee. Hard leg kick from Lopez and Shutt fires back with a combination before they battle against the fence. Lopez throwing right hands to the face and body as Shutt looks for another hip throw. Shutt tries to take the back of Lopez, who defends, as the round ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Shutt


Shutt lands a left hand to kick off the third round. Shutt lands a hard combination as Lopez takes it and ties him up against the fence. Shutt lands a hard knee and looks for a single. Lopez is on the mat and looks to get back to his feet. Shutt trapping a leg to keep Lopez on the mat. Lopez back to his feet and lands a pair of hard elbows to the side of Shutt’s head. Shutt hangs on the the clinch and begins to work the body. Lopez gets position against the fence with under two minutes to go. Knee to the thigh from Lopez, body kick from Lopez. Big knee to the head by Shutt and they trade bombs before meeting in the center. Lopez with a nice combination that ends with a kick to the body. They head back to the fence with 40 seconds to go, Shutt drops for a double and lands a takedown. Lopez lands a left hand and a short elbow as the round ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Shutt


Both guys trade combinations to kick of the championship rounds. Lopez lands a kick to the body. Shutt thwarts a clinch attempt from Lopez and some tape is loose from Shutt’s glove. The action continues with both fighters trading leg kicks. Lopez uses great head movement to avoid a combination as they battle against the fence. Shutt partially has the back of Lopez with a hook in. Lopez is defending any advancement but Shutt is very patient, slowly improving his position. Lopez is able to scramble on top when the fight hits the mat and ends up in side control. Shutt scrambles to a single leg and gets back to his feet as the round ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it Shutt 10-9


Both men touch gloves out of respect to kick off the final round of a close fight. They tie up and battle for position — which has been the theme for most of the fight — and Shutt has the position against the fence. Lopez eats a knee to the body and is able to reverse position against the fence. Right hand over the top from Lopez and a right hand upon separation behind it. Shutt with a pair of jabs and a straight left hand that just misses the mark. Lopez times a shot perfectly and looks to get it to the mat. Shutt looking for a crucifix-type maneuver and Lopez is able to free his arms. Both guys now looking for a leg with under 90 seconds to go. Lopez drops several right hands on Shutt and looks to get back to his feet. The battle on the ground continues as Shutt is doing a nice job trapping the left leg of Lopez. “Mr. Nice Guy” tries to scramble, Shutt ties him up, landing hard knees in the clinch as the fight ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 and the fight 49-46 for Shutt


Official result: Blaine Shutt def. Johnny Lopez via split decision (50-44, 45-50, 49-46)

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