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CES 61’s Kris Moutinho has believed for a while he is ready, “just have to keep proving it”

(Apologies for the wifi trouble) but the message is the same for CES’ Kris Moutinho who finished formally undefeated Ashiek Ajim at CES 61 to get back in the win column. When speaking on his somewhat crooked nose, Moutinho tells fans not to worry, that’s just “my ugly mug.”

“It’s how I fight, not how I should fight, but it is how I fight,” Moutinho told MyMMANews. “I take some licks and give some licks.”

Winning is great for Moutinho, who was riding a 2 fight skid, but being back in the cage was powerful for the Massachusetts native. Coronavirus has hurt us all, but for prospects looking to get to the next level, being back in the cage is as powerful as it gets.

“Everything I wanted,” Moutinho stated. “These interviews are cool, all of this is cool but I just want to fight man. I know in my head this is what I was meant to do and I’m just glad I get to go in and show who I am, back on the win track,” Moutinho continued.

Moutinho feels as though he is on the correct path, and has been for a while, for that next level to come calling.

“I’ve thought I’ve been ready for a long time, I just gotta prove it,” Moutinho exclaimed. “Keep proving it, stay on the good path and listen to my team and manager.”

A comeback win for Moutinho, who prides himself on facing the toughest possible opponents, over Ajim. Moutinho was able to withstand the punishment and dish out his own to earn the stoppage victory at CES 61 in what was one of the most exciting fights of the night.

“I don’t even remember what was going through my brain, after that fight I didn’t even remember the fight,” Moutinho stated. “I train, I don’t get tired, I practice really really hard, so when I’m in a fight I don’t get tired, I can keep the same pace the entire fight.”

“When I hit you, guys can’t walk it off.”

Catch the full interview with Kris Moutinho in the attached video above.

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