Christine Ferea

Christine Ferea with Conor McGregor after her BKFC 41 title defense

Christine Ferea on BKFC 41: “Everything Did Move to a Different Level”

Christine Ferea made the sophomore defense of her flyweight title via second-round doctor stoppage against Bec Rawlings at BKFC 41.

Ferea appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts once again to discuss this being an industry-shaking caliber of an event, the dopamine release while fighting in bare-knuckle boxing at the most elite level, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Christine Ferea

BKFC 41 seemed to have a massive ripple effect on the promotion and the sport by proxy. Is that something you felt as a stalwart of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship?

“Yeah, that was electrifying. The whole crowd, the build-up of it, everything behind it felt very different. I’ve been here a long time and this was by far the biggest show. It felt bigger than KnuckleMania. The crowd was amazing, Denver’s amazing. Just the exposure, I feel like everything did move to a different level.”

Christine Ferea continued, “When I’m out and about more people are recognizing me, just from this show alone. Just how much more followers I got and the recognition on the street. It’s crazy, this was huge. I think it’s bigger than a lot of people know and really see because I see it with people recognizing me and my following going up.”

Christine Ferea vs Bec Rawlings

When we last spoke you had an aim to steal the show and assert yourself on a stacked card. Did you feel like that Bec Rawlings fight served that master of being a standout contest?

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted when I came in there. Like I could have went in there, stayed on the outside. She’s easy to beat on the outside. I know how to beat her very easily. But I am here to make my boss happy, I’m here to make the fans happy, I’m here to have an exciting fight. I like to take chances and like to put it all on the line. So I went in there and I banged. I wanted to bang and you know, the last fight wasn’t much of a fight.”

Christine Ferea continued, “So I was kind of itching for that anyways. I do like to be challenged and I do like to put myself in risky situations to see what I got. So yeah, I went in there to bang and I’ll go in there to bang again with her. She’s up for it, I’m up for it, there’s not very many people that are like that right now. They’re not willing to go in there and take those chances. But she is and I think that each time we fight, it’s going to be super exciting.”


How much of a dopaminergic surge do you get from continuing to make history within BKFC (most wins of all time among the women, longest winning streak among the women, and most stoppage wins among the women in company history)?

“It’s amazing. So, that’s what keeps me going as well. So that when I’m here, I’m just tired. I’ve been traveling all over the country for about a year and a half and I’m tired, you know what I mean? But I start thinking of that and I know I’m going to get the best opponent. My opponent is always going to be the best that night. They’re fighting for the world championship. So I get up and I go run. I get that surge and then I feel back on top of the world. But I do come down. What goes up must come down.”

“I do have to rest and not always rely on that because that can be a little overwhelming to the system, you know what I mean? That’s why I like coming to my family’s. Coming down to earth, let me take care of them, and spoil them. Spend time with them and all that. Then I go back to the grind. But yeah, the dopamine release on this stuff is crazy.”

Christine Ferea continued, “That’s why after I’m going to also train champions because I’m probably always going to search for that surge. It is all at once when you win and everybody’s around you. Congratulating you, you feel on top of the world, and I want to see that through my students as well.”

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