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Colby Covington explains why meeting Trump family inspired him to beat Robbie Lawler

Colby Covington extending his winning streak in a big way at UFC Newark. There, the former interim welterweight champion dominated Robbie Lawler for the entire fight. He won every single round on each judge’s scorecard and showed why he is one of the best in the world.

Yet, what gave him the motivation and inspired him to win was talking to the Trump family before the event. To see them front row was also special for Covington.

“Man, that was such an incredible experience,” Covington said of his visit with the first family to Radio. “I mean truly one of a kind, obviously. No one’s ever gotten the first family to come to a fight, so that was already history as it was. And the first family coming into my locker room — we got to chat for a couple minutes before I fought — it was incredible, man. I felt the dragon energy from them.

“I wasn’t going to be stopped that night,” he added. “It doesn’t matter if King Kong was in there, if Godzilla was in there. It didn’t matter if [Lawler] was the scariest guy in the division; [the guy] who scared Tyron Woodley — who had a sore thumb, who pulled out [of his rematch with Lawler]. He scared Woodley into hiding. He scared Ben Askren into hiding. So, we all know how dangerous he is. And to get the First Family to come to the front row, amazing.”

Regardless, Colby Covington is just soaking up his win and preparing to fight Kamaru Usman later this year. He has been calling for that fight for a long time now and after the win over Lawler, Dana White said that he is next. And, Covington said he expects to have the Trump family in attendance for that fight, too.

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