Coronavirus Chaos, colby covington

Coronavirus Chaos

As the world continues to cope with the Coronavirus, more and more unexpected events seem to occur. UFC President Dana White has unequivocally stated that the UFC intend to continue to execute on events. This news was welcomed by fans globally and by several of the fighters themselves.

However, this comes with its own set of challenges. Travel restrictions are imposed between the US and UK. As a result, UFC London has been cancelled. The main fight at UFC London was scheduled to be a welterweight scrap between Tyron Woodley and Leon Edwards.

As news of the cancellation broke, former interim champion Colby Covington offered to fight former champion Tyron Woodley. When Colby first tweeted out his challenge, it caused some excitement. Then it caused confusion. Colby has referred to Leon Edwards as “Leon Scott”. While no one believes that Colby truly confused Edwards’ name, and that this was just a part of Colby’s character gimmick, the Leon Scott nickname stuck.

But in his callout-tweet, Colby tagged a user with the handle “Leon Scott”. The user in question appears to be a professional wrestler with a road-warrior gimmick.  Leon Scott (not Edwards),  then proceeded to quote tweet the original tweet from Colby and disparage him for “not knowing how to use Twitter”. Several MMA fans then proceeded to troll the professional wrestler. The saga concluded with Leon Scott being a sport.

Booking the fight

All of this should have been a side note. Except that the fight still has not materialised. Woodley claims that he accepted the fight. He adds that Colby is now backing down.

Both Woodley and Covington have a history with UFC management. It is fair to guess that one or both of them are expecting to be paid more.

Colby then appeared on Instagram to clarify a few additional points about the upcoming fight. He first stated that the US President has the Coronavirus under control. Covington then clarified that the fight is likely to happen. He clarified that he was willing to fight Woodley in a range of locations, including the White House lawn.

Location really does seem to be playing a key factor in making this matchup. The UFC is taking a bold move with proceeding on this card. Colby is stepping up when the time is right. Woodley for his part is adjusting to the change in opponent without batting an eyelid. Love them or hate them, Colby and Woodley are doing both fans and the UFC management a solid.



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