Cosplayer’s pre-production work for the positive film (one)

As a cosplayer with three years of experience shooting cosplay, I can honestly tell you that shooting cosplay is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and effort to prepare. If you’re serious about taking a cosplay photo shoot, perhaps some of my experiences below can help you out.


1.Know the character.

As a cosplayer, you need to understand the character you are shooting, the character’s personality, and the character’s posture and demeanor. You can search the Internet for pictures of the character or other cosplayers, and make selective references. It’s best not to imitate the character exactly, but to add your own understanding of the character.

2.Prepare cosplay costumes, props and wigs.

Generally speaking, these items are purchased online, so be sure to pay attention to the following: whether the costume is restored, whether the size of the props is appropriate, whether there is a big difference between the color of the wig and the character’s, whether the wig is smooth, and so on. I recommend you buy it on Cosplaylab. If you want to know more about the products, remember to actively ask the staff.

3. Find a shooting location.

Once you have a good understanding of your character and have prepared your character’s costume, the next step is to find a location for the shoot. If you’re going to shoot in the outdoors, I’ll give you two suggestions: Be on site a few days in advance to familiarize yourself with the environment and pay attention to the weather conditions on the day of the shoot.

4, try on makeup.

If you can make up yourself you need to practice makeup skills in advance, if you do not make up you need to bring up the search for a makeup artist. Try to test the makeup before shooting, to see how the overall effect of modeling, there is no need to modify the place. If the makeup artist can’t help you, send her a picture of your face so that she can prepare it in advance. You will also need to provide a picture of your character and a description of your skin condition. Finally, don’t forget to set up an appointment for a specific time and place.

5.Find a photographer.

To find a photographer before the shoot, you need to discuss the following questions with the photographer before the shoot.

1) The number of people to be photographed, single or multiple (it is better to have more than one photographer for multiple shots)

2) Determine the time and place for filming

3) Shoot the character and send some pictures of the character to the photographer.

4) Determine the cost of photography, etc., in advance

6: Find logistics.

Logistics will be needed to help the cosplayer take care of the clothes and possessions, as well as help set up for the shoot (such as throwing feathers and petals). Usually one logistician is enough, and this person should be a friend you trust.

7: Practice.

At home, cosplayers can practice their character’s movements and posture at home in front of a mirror, making it easier to get better and faster poses on the day of the shoot.

8, skin care.

Don’t drink too much water at night, don’t stay up late, and do a hydrating mask before bed.

9, pack to take things out of the house

Organize your cosplay clothes, wigs, props, shoes, equipment and accessories to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Bring band-aids, napkins, in the summer and a thick coat in the winter. If necessary, bring a pair of slippers (many characters have high heels or other shoes that are hard to walk in), which are comfortable and don’t take up much space. If the makeup artist is not on set, you will need to bring your own tools to make up.

That’s all I have to say about preparing for a cosplay shoot, and there are ten aspects to it. I’m glad that even though it’s difficult, there are still many friends who love cosplaying, and that every cosplayer is a warrior who rises to the occasion! If you like cosplay, then don’t miss Cosplaylab, which is more than just a site for selling cosplay clothes; it’s also a platform for cosplayers to communicate.

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