Valentine's Day

How to send gift to China at Valentine’s Day in 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming, a time for couples to exchange gifts, reminisce about their romantic experiences throughout the year, and look forward to the year ahead as a couple. On this day, single people also give gifts to their loved ones to show their love and affection. The essence of the gift is a process to promote the relationship between two people. This year’s Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly special. It is believed that in the year 2020, novel coronavirus has prevented a lot of foreign couples from reunites. In the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we may still not be able to accompany our lover, but we can choose a more thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. In addition, Valentine’s Day in 2021 coincides with the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. It is of great significance to celebrate two festivals on this day. So, how are we going to get Valentine’s Day gifts to China?

Thanks to the era of Internet and logistics! Because of this, we communicate more closely with friends from different countries, and it also provides many ways for us to give foreign gifts. The most traditional way is through logistics or postal services. We can choose the gifts carefully at the local supermarket or shopping website and then deliver them to our loved ones through logistics. The advantages of this approach are obvious. We have the power to choose our own gifts, and we can choose a variety of gifts that are more meaningful to each other. However, there are many disadvantages to this approach. For example, we have to start preparing gifts a month in advance. The speed of logistics and customs is always unpredictable, so we have to be prepared for gifts to arrive early or late. (As a result of the outbreak, customs control on this aspect may be more stringent.)

In addition to the way of logistics, we can also buy Valentine’s Day gifts on various online gift delivery platforms. We can choose flowers, cakes or chocolates on these platforms, and the staff will find a suitable florist or cake shop near the recipient’s address and deliver the gifts in time and place. It’s a good option, but at least it’s time-controlled. Maybe some people may worry that our gifts are not really delivered to the recipient, don’t worry, as long as we contact the recipient and confirm that we can solve the problem (see! This method is also a good way to start a conversation, which is suitable for people who can’t find something to talk about.)

Each of the above two ways of giving gifts has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Logistics or postal service Online gift delivery platform
Advantages Being able to choose any kind of gift (if customs permits) Saves time;

Timely delivery

Disadvantages Need to go through a long time of logistics transportation and customs inspection;

There are more uncontrollable factors in time and space

Fewer kinds of gifts to choose from
Summary Both need to know the consignee’s harvesting address and mobile phone number.

If you want to give a special gift, choose the first one. If you want same-day delivery, choose the second option.


As I mentioned earlier, both approaches may not go as well this Valentine’s Day. Because of the outbreak, customs checks will be stricter, which means it may take longer for our gifts to arrive. Since Valentine’s Day falls on the Spring Festival holiday, there may not be many flower shops or cake shops open normally in China. The gift may just be a surprise, for the lover, the most important thing is your attitude.

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