Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier believes Jon Jones is serious about vacating his title

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has a history with reigning champion Jon Jones, and that history has created one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history, but “D.C.” understands where his opponent is coming from. As the ongoing feud between Jones and UFC President Dana White plays out over money regarding Jones moving to heavyweight to fight Francis Ngannou, Jones has threatened to vacate his title and leave the UFC.

During his weekly show on ESPN with Ariel Helwani, Cormier responded to Jones seemingly willing to vacate his title and he believes Jones is being serious about it.

“I believe that he is more serious about walking away because in all those times that he was suspended and hurt and all that other stuff, gone, he kinda learned to live without that belt. For a long time he held the belt that when he lost the belt the first time, he probably thought his world was ending. But then he was gone for two years and life probably didn’t seem all that different. So he’s probably looking at life right now and understanding that ‘if I walk away from this belt is my life really gonna change all that much?’ So I think to a degree he does believe, I do believe, that he’s serious.

Cormier would add that he feels both Jones and White have big egos and the fact that Jones went after White publicly says a lot.

“You’ve got egos, right? Both of these guys have big egos. Not many people stand up to Dana White in this way and Jon Jones feels as though he’s so valuable that Dana White shouldn’t stand up to him in that way.”

With all things considered, Cormier would tell Helwani that he doesn’t believe Jones is wrong for wanting to walk away and vacate his title.

“I don’t think he’s wrong. The guy really understands his value and he’s going to stick to his guns, good for you.”

Despite the history between Cormier and Jones, the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion knows first-hand how “Bones” has handled life without being the UFC champion.

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