David Feldman - Photo by Phil Lambert/BKFC

David Feldman - Photo by Phil Lambert/BKFC

Dave Feldman of BKFC announces pension plan for fighters

With all the discussion of fighter pay in the world of mixed martial arts, and combat sports  in general, it’s become Bare Knuckle FC leading the way on changing the future of how fighters are treated and paid. Announced by Dave Feldman, president of BKFC, the fighters who compete for the promotion will receive a pension once their fighting is over. Check out the video below with Feldman discussing the program briefly.

Feldman spoke about the importance fighters have in BKFC and it’s business model. He says without the fighters, the promotion would be nothing.

“Our fighters are the most important asset of the company,” said Feldman. ‘We want to ensure that they are compensated not only on the night of the fight but also looked after in retirement. For each BKFC fight, money will be placed in a pension account for them to draw on upon retirement.”

The growth of BKFC

The new pension plan for fighters, first of its kind, is a by-product of the success BKFC has had. Being the fastest combat sport in the world, Feldman and company want to thank the athletes and not take advantage of them as a pawn. Instead they look at them as partners and take care of them as best as they can.

“BKFC is the hottest, fastest growing and most exciting sport in the world and we want to ensure that our fighters are taken care of in every possible way.”

It is this attention to the fighters that has had many veterans across many combat sports flock to BKFC in droves and is a testament in how they treat their athletes.

The new pension plan goes into effect on the BKFC 17 card that takes place on the 30th of April in Birmingham, Alabama. Stay posted to My MMA News for all the coverage on the new pension plan, more on BKFC 17 and more. Thanks for reading.

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