Undefeated French Welterweight David Bear signs for Brave

David Bear (left) poses with fellow Brave fighter Tahar Hadbi (right).

Undefeated French Welterweight David Bear signs for Brave

Brave Combat Federation continues to beef up its Welterweight division as the promotion announces the signing of David Bear. Undefeated in seven professional bouts, Bear hails from France, where he trains alongside fellow Brave Welterweight contender Tahar Hadbi.

While his debut fight for the promotion hasn’t been set, Bear admits he would like to fight in the same event as Hadbi, who is set to take on Mohammad Fakhreddine in a rematch of their No Contest at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. That fight hasn’t been officially set, but rumors continue to circle around about Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises, in Jordan, being a likely destination for Hadbi vs. Fakhreddine 2.

The Welterweight finisher, who counts five submissions amongst his seven wins, has prior experience with Brave, as he cornered “Fast Hands” Hadbi against both Fakhreddine and Carl Booth.

Bear is just the latest top Welterweight fighter to join the ranks at Brave Combat Federation, as the promotion continues to add top fighters to the division reigned by current champion Carlston Harris. Other contenders, such as Jarrah Al-Silawi, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Tahar Hadbi, Carl Booth are on the trail for the title, and David Bear looks to join the hunt for Harris’ belt.