Demetrious Johnson breaks all-time UFC title defense record

Demetrious Johnson Talks Training at Evolve MMA in Quick Q&A

Former UFC flyweight champion turned ONE Championship superstar Demetrious Johnson speaks with Tony Reid of MyMMANews.

Tony Reid – When you make the trip overseas to train you’ve spent time at Evolve MMA. Can you speak to how incredible that team and that facility is?

Demetrious Johnson – Evolve is amazing. I always tell people that if you are a martial arts that place is paradise for you. They have so many world champions across so many different disciplines. They have Muay Thai world champions, MMA world champions, Jiu Jitsu champions and so many more. They have cryotherapy. They have a nice bar. They have a cage. They have a ring. Its two floors. It’s an amazing facility.

TR – What has your experience been like in actual training at that amazing facility?

DJ – When I went into Evolve before my fight in Manila, I worked out with just Muay Thai guys. I just worked on Muay Thai. I fight like a mixed martial artist. There are certain things they do that are geared more towards Muay Thai. So, you can take little things directly from Muay Thai and bring it into mixed martial arts and make it your own. To have a gym where people have an option to go to a gym like that to go train and work on specific aspects of your game is phenomenal.

TR – In mixed martial arts you work on mixing it all together but when you are working with someone with such a high proficiency in one skill set I imagine it can really be beneficial.

DJ –  100 percent. The guys at Evolve, the Muay Thai masters have been doing it since they were kids. They have become multiple time world champions. I think they can probably teach me a few things here and there.

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