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Derrick 'Flash' Bradley talks bout with Cancer

Derrick “Flash” Bradley won’t let Cancer keep him from the cage

Cancer can’t hold Flash down

Derrick “Flash” Bradley is no stranger to a good battle. The semi-pro football player has been training and competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments and MMA cage fighting.  His biggest battle is not going away just yet.  Flash was diagnosed Cancer, has gone through surgery and radiation, yet still has the hated disease in his prostrate.

“I’m not letting it stop me from living my life,” Bradley said.

“Yes when I found out it hit me hard, I shut down. My depression and anxiety mixed with that news and toxic relationship I was in did me no good. Then the radiation treatment also was hard on me. But after I got myself together I realized no matter what I need to live my life.Derrick'Flash' Bradley

“It took the words of my youngest daughter when she found out tell me ‘Daddy don’t worry you’re not going die because you’re Superdadpool and if you die, I’ll beat death up and bring you back so it’ll be ok.’ Hearing my daughter who was 3 at the time, but now she’s 4, tell me that, gave me that spark I needed.

“Don’t get me wrong, yes I still get the sickness. Being dizzy, loss of appetite and the pains are unbelievable and some times crippling. Then all the medicine I’m taking is annoying. Pills for this pills for that, but it helps me and I need to get better so I do it and deal with the pain and everything else, But I’m a warrior, and I have kids who see me as the greatest thing walking that I refuse to let down. So even with my survival rate being 43% within next 3-5 years, I’m not living in fear.

“I’m not going be that guy that goes I wish I fought one more time, I wish I got to play one more season of football, I wish I got to do a bjj tournament one more time. No I’m going to do what I want. I’m going to take the proper precautions. I’m not going let cancer stop me from enjoying my life. I’m a warrior and I’m going to fight till the end and not let this stop me. I’m too determined and have my kids looking up to me as a hero so I won’t fall. I’ll continue to be the Superdadpool they see me as. So I’m going live my life as if it’s not there and continue to be me. The lovable, sarcastic fun loving asshole.”

‘Flash’ is currently still involved in his football team’s playoff run and took second place this weekend in Pittsburgh at the Kumite Classic BJJ event.

On June 2nd, at Harrah’s Philadelphia, Art of War II goes down, and Flash will be entering the cage at heavyweight. I had the pleasure to talk with this warrior about his fight and his life battles. Please give a listen below.


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