Derrick Lewis on Greg Hardy getting a shot in the UFC: "I really don't like guys like that"

Derrick Lewis lands major role in upcoming film ‘Pop Rocks’

One of the hottest heavyweight fighters in the UFC today, just landed a major role in an upcoming film.  MyMMANews has learned through sources close to Derrick Lewis, that ‘The Black Beast’ will begin filming for a movie called Pop Rocks, in his native city of Houston, in early 2019.  As of press time a contract has not yet been signed.

“The film stars musician/producer Mikey Rukus, who plays “Jason” a single father raising four kids, attempting to live a normal life after losing his wife to cancer several years before. Jason is a grocery store manager by day, singer in a local band at night. While arguing with his kids about “real music”, Jason writes a pop song to prove how easy and shallow they are. His daughter posts it online and her father is thrust into stardom. Jason is forced to choose between realizing a life long dream of rock star, or to accept the normal life to be there for his children.

The role Lewis will be playing is significant to the movie and more details will be released at a later date.

MyMMANews is told the film will be funny but will also tug on the heart strings as it tackles real issues, deals with true to life tragedies and resolve.

Lewis may be challenging for the UFC heavyweight title in just a few short weeks, but it was the fighter’s comical UFC 229 post-fight speech earlier this month that sent the Texas native into “viral” status.

After Lewis knocked out Alexander Volkov at UFC 229 on October 6, color commentator Joe Rogan asked ‘The Black Beast’ why he took his pants off. Lewis responded “my balls was hot.” The response set the internet on fire.

Pop Rocks is tentatively scheduled to release in late 2019 and produced by Savir Films, an independent production company based in Houston, and co-produced by 955 Media.

Lewis challenges Daniel Cormier on November 3 in the headlining UFC 230 bout at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Check back for more information about Pop Rocks and just how Lewis will be involved.

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