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Dominick Reyes says he feels ‘disrespected’ after UFC 247 loss, calls himself the people’s champ

Dominick Reyes knows he beat Jon Jones at UFC 247 and feels disrespected that the judges never gave him the win.

When the fight went to the scorecards, many were torn on who had won as it really came down to who won the third round. In the end, “Bones” won via unanimous decision which Reyes doesn’t agree with.

“I do feel disrespected,” Reyes said at the UFC 247 post-fight press conference (via MMA Fighting). “One of the judges had it 49-46. Like, who are you? I might want to have a word with you. Other than that, I know I won that fight. I was in that fight, I don’t have to watch the replay, I was there. I made Jon Jones look like just a man, I brought the fight to him.”

Following the close fight, where Dana White even said he thought Dominick Reyes won, the challenger wants an immediate rematch. He is confident he won the fight and wants to run things back immediately.

“I definitely would like a rematch,” Reyes said. “I mean, I won. And it was very controversial. It wasn’t like he blew me out of the water and I was cowering in the corner, sitting on my butt (saying), ‘Don’t hurt me.’ No, I was bringing it to him. But I’m going to go home, rest up, go on vacation. Sit down and talk with Dana and figure out my future. No matter what, I showed who I am, and very many people can respect that.”

In the end, Dominick Reyes is proud of his performance and knows the belt should be his. But, for now, it is healing up his injuries and back to training. He also declares himself the people’s champ after UFC 247.

“I feel like I’m the people’s champ,” Dominick Reyes concluded.

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