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Donald Cerrone says he is ‘good’ after injury speculation ahead of UFC 246

After the UFC put out episode 2 of Embedded for UFC 246, many fans immediately took to social media to say Donald Cerrone has a limp and may be injured.

This has not been the first time Embedded or UFC productions have caused fans to think they are injured. When Max Holloway walked into UFC 240, many believed he had a limp and didn’t look normal. Yet, for Cerrone, to no surprise, he denied the injury. And, he said he is good and even bounced around on his leg.

“I knew that was going to come up. People are good,” Donald Cerrone said to the media (via “Put a little limp, what if I was walking with a drawl? Or maybe I stepped on a Lego? I got a kid now. No, I’m good. No, I’m fine. I just kicked a pad funny, it was just a funny nothing, you know.”

This is also not the first time fighters have denied injuries during fight week as Eric Kowal of MyMMANews reported at UFC 238, Cejudo injured his knee. Yet, “Triple C” denied it and said he was all good but after the fight revealed he did injure his knee on the training mats and it was serious as Kowal reported.

So, whether or not Donald Cerrone is actually hurt will most likely not be revealed until after the fight. Once that happens, we will see if the fans of UFC Embedded did catch something with ‘Cowboy’ limping or if it was nothing.

But, there is no question, the hope for Cerrone fans is that he is fine as this is a massive fight for his career. He’s wanted this Conor McGregor fight for quite some time. And, a win would get him near a title shot and make him a bigger star. A loss, meanwhile, would make it three and a row and where he would go from there is unknown.

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