Dustin Poirier says he’s only interested in fights that ‘mean something to me’

Dustin Poirier has made it known he wants Nate Diaz next as he says that’s a fight that means something to him.

After Poirier suffered a submission loss to Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title at UFC 269, he admitted he didn’t know what his future was. However, after some time to think about his fighting future, he realized he wanted to still compete and began calling out Nate Diaz.

For Poirier, he says he wants fights that are exciting to him which is what a Diaz bout is.

“I’ve done it before, you know; I’ve moved up before in the midst of the of the unknown and the uncertain,” Poirier told Megan Olivi in an interview with Crypto.com (h/t MMAJunkie). “I don’t know. We’ll see. I can still make ’55. I can still make the cut. Do I want to make it five more times to get another title shot? I don’t know where I’m at with that. It’s still kind of murky and undecided, but there are fun fights for me at 170.

“If Nate Diaz does get a deal done with the UFC, that’s a fight we’ve been supposed to do. I think the fans would be in for a treat. That’s something I want to do,” Poirier continued. “Where I’m at, I just want to fight fights that mean something to me and all these up-and-coming guys, they’re very dangerous and very fun to fight and maybe I will fight some of them, but right now I want fights that mean something to me, and Nate’s a fight that means something to me.”

As mentioned, Dustin Poirier is coming off the submission loss to Oliveira and is out of the title picture as of right now. Because of that, he’s interested in the Nate Diaz fight as he says it’s a big fight for him and one that the fans will get excited for. It’s also a scrap that he has wanted for years.

Along with that, the bout would take place at welterweight which Poirier says will only help him.

“I watched the guy on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ when I was a kid and he’s a guy – him and his brother both, I respect their fighting style,” Poirier said on Diaz. “I enjoy watching them fight. Whenever they fight, I’m tuning in. Those are the kind of fights I want to be a part of so if it’s at 170, I’m very willing and able to make that move. If it’s at 155, I can still make 155. I’m not too big.

I’m getting older, and I want to enjoy what I do. If I’m going to spend 10 weeks out there in Florida with the best guys in the world, I want to feel good. I don’t want to feel calorie deprived. I want to be at my best, but I know what that comes with. That comes with fighting these huge men at 170 pounds, but hey, I ain’t scared to fight.”

Whether or not Dustin Poirier will fight Nate Diaz next is uncertain.

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