Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez confirms he will fight bare knuckle again following BKFC 41 win over Chad Mendes

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez confirmed that he will fight bare knuckle again following his BKFC 41 win over Chad Mendes this past weekend.

After years of competing at the highest level of MMA, Alvarez made his BKFC this past weekend against Mendes, and he put on another classic fight for the fans. The two former UFC stars went back and forth for five, two-minute rounds, winning the card’s “Fight of the Night” award. After 10 minutes of supreme entertainment, it was Alvarez who emerged victorious, walking away with the split decision victory.

Following BKFC 41, Alvarez spoke to the media and was asked if he has an interest in competing in the sport again. According to “The Underground King,” that is exactly what the plan is.

“I’ll be fighting again. I say this because this training camp for me was like, I wanted to try something new. This is something new for me. I’ve never done this before. But when you take away the wrestling and the kicks and the knees and the elbows – I know my face looks like this, but this is going to go away in two weeks. The training camp was so much more enjoyable than an MMA training camp. Chad would know this and guys who do MMA would know this. The training camp for bare knuckle is so enjoyable,” Alvarez said (via MMAjunkie.com).

“I had a lot of fun. My coaches had a lot of fun learning the nuances of the sport. I took a shot. I tried something new. More importantly, I did it because I got Chad. I was going to sit for as long as I needed to sit before I got an opponent where fans would get really excited about. I got the opponent and I think it showed tonight why I took the fight.”

Who do you think Eddie Alvarez should fight in his next bare-knuckle boxing match?

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