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Ergys Sigeta

Photo via MMA Empire

Ergys Sigeta on MMA return “Didn’t lose a step at all”

Ergys Sigeta bested Kaecy Raddon via a second-round arm triangle choke at Unified MMA 48 on December 16th.

Sigeta returned to Bowks Talking Bouts and discussed his first MMA fight in four years. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Ergys Sigeta

Sigeta’s thoughts on the caliber of his last performance after a lengthy, multi-year hiatus

“It feels great. For me, the performance just felt like, and I was even telling my friends and family. Was telling them because that’s what we practice like that type of performance. It just felt like a regular day in the office. Only difference was I haven’t done it in four years. So that whole bit, I was feeling a little nervous, you know. Just wondering and I actually read one of your posts on MMA Empire and it’s just something to think, do I still have it, in a sense? You know what I mean?”

“Like four years ago, I was on a four-fight win streak, you know what I mean? I was riding high, I was doing my thing, and then I was just like do I still have it? Obviously, in my mind I still do. But it’s still good to prove that, you know what I mean? Where I go in there and it’s like oh, definitely didn’t lose a step at all.”

Unified MMA 48

If thoughts began emerging about no longer fighting and becoming a coach for Sigeta

“Yeah, so you know what’s funny is and I was telling this when I was talking with Aaron. I actually had no plans, to be honest, of returning. I was probably just going to do jits and that’s it. That’s when I did Worlds. I did that and I was going to do that PFC card but even after that, once it fell through, the flame in a sense ran off. Where I was perfectly ok with calling it and being like alright, I’m done, you know what I mean? And I’m ok. I actually gained eighty pounds and went to 260. I had no plans.”

“I was saying like if you told me the version of me last June that I was going to fight in December, I would have laughed at your face while drinking a beer is what I would say. Cause I just didn’t expect it. Now it wouldn’t shock me like but I just didn’t expect to be like man, I’m going to fight again, you know what I mean? That’s just what it was. So yeah no, it’s not that I had plans to stop. I actually did stop. I was perfectly ok with coaching, doing jits. Just if I was going to compete, I was just going to compete in some friendly jits competitions and that was it.”

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