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Anthony Rocco Martin

Former UFC fighter Anthony Rocco Martin arrested, threatened police officers after 911 call

Former UFC fighter Anthony Rocco Martin (18-6) was arrested on Dec. 21, 2022 by Lee County, Florida. Sheriffs deputies after threatening the officers who responded to a dropped 911 call.

Officers responded to a house in Bonita Springs, Florida and found a female crying in a black Ford Expedition.

Police then encountered the professional mixed martial artist, who allegedly was inebriated and told deputies to “get off my f***king property now.”

Responding officers then informed Martin of the investigation into the 911 call, and that is when he allegedly became aggressive, telling one deputy “I don’t care, and if you touch me will kick your ass.” He also yelled, “I hate cops and you can suck my d***.”

Reports state that Martin then eyed an officer up and down and tried to square up with him. Martin was placed in handcuff and shouted, “you think you’re a bad man, if you take me out of these cuffs l will kick your ass.”

Martin posted a $5,000 bond and was released from jail the day after his arrest. He was given a no-contact order and on Jan. 9 pleaded not guilty to the charge, which carries a penalty from 60 days to six months in addition to fines. The 33-year-old Martin faces a misdemeanor assault charge and is due in court of Feb. 22.

Martin fought 15 times for the UFC before his release in 2020. He returned to action for CES MMA last year. In 2022 he was also arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada after allegedly urinating on a casino floor and then punching a security guard who responded to the incident.

Earlier this month Martin went on a Twitter tirade, threatening to release information on former girlfriend and PFL champion Kayla Harrison, among others.

“I will be releasing shit on Kayla H, Ali A, and Tyrone Spong shortly,” Martin posted.

“Kayla won’t look so pretty in the world when the truth is out. Ali cared more about politics. And where does Tyrone fit in? Things are going to get interesting. Stay tuned.”

A third tweet stated, “Just a quick leak before I finish writing everything up and releasing it, guns, threats, money, lies, cheating, kids, all of that is on the table.”

Those tweets were posted on January 4. Martin’s account has been silent since.

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