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Flow Club: Creative Fashion Flow Reflects the Journey Of A Martial Artist

The influence of mixed martial arts has had an extended reach on our society, but no industry has been more popular among consumers than clothing lines. There are many apparel brands to choose from, as each company looks to stand out from the rest of the fashion competition. A new contender that has emerged is FLOW CLUB Co.

Established in early 2017, Flow Club is a new fashionable reflection of a martial artist’s journey, finding their flow and enjoying the process of what they are doing.

Both creators, BJJ Purple belt John Perez and Katharo BJJ Black Belt Scott Miller, have been on a continuous flow in their growth as martial artists. Many people like these Flow Club ambassadors go through the same process, which inspired Miller and Perez to create a brand that represents those among them.

Flow Club Founders: Scott Miller / John Perez
Flow Club Founders: Scott Miller / John Perez

“We wanted to create something different for the Martial Arts Community, ” said Miller.  “A brand that shares content, sponsors martial artists, and creates a new style of gear and clothing that isn’t getting made.”

An apparel line that invokes the true essence of Martial Arts, Flow Club has a wide range of products for its buyers to choose from. The Flow brand currently sells shirts, patches, rash guards, and stickers. All products have a classic look, with a new school approach that allows you to express your lifestyle. And this is just the beginning, as there more things are on the horizon.

“We are coming out with new apparel constantly. We will continue to come out with gear as ideas roll in. After speaking with parents during tournaments we realized that there is a void in kids gear.  So, we will be focusing on kids gear as well.”

Flow Club Appreal
Flow Club Appreal

Style, engagement, and support, Flow Club covers all areas to satisfy their customers. The company has already gained some rising fame in their local distribution area of Colorado. Their biggest venture success thus far is sponsoring numerous upcoming talents out of the Colorado fight scene.

“Many people have complimented us on our designs and style, as they really seem to enjoy it here in Colorado and love a local company. Our biggest success has been being able to sponsor some very talented and interesting fighters and Jiu-jitsu practitioners.  Just recently, we had Brandon Royval fighting in Legacy Fighting Alliance on AXS TV.  Brandon is a super talented jiu-jitsu brown belt with very creative striking, who puts on exciting fights every time he steps in the cage.”

Even at its early stage, it seems Flow Club is already pushing barriers in the fight gear sector. For Miller and Perez, the future is now as they look to continue their flow of creative expression through their designs, content, and service to the community. Looking forward to the ever growing FLOW this company will reveal in years to come.

Website: Flowclubjj.com

Instagram: @Flowclubjj

YouTube Page:  Flowclub