Francis Ngannou says the uppercut not the knee injury caused KO win over Velasquez

Francis Ngannou says the uppercut not the knee injury caused KO win over Velasquez

Francis Ngannou had a tough 2018 in which he lost to Stipe Miocic in dominant fashion before losing to Derrick Lewis in what was a terrible fight.

However, Ngannou bounced back in a big way by beating Curtis Blaydes in November in under a minute. Then last night, he defeated Cain Velasquez in just 26 seconds. It appeared as if Velasquez tore his knee which caused him to fall. But, many have pointed as the uppercut as the main reason why. Well, Ngannou knows it was the uppercut that caused Velasquez to fall and set up the TKO win over the former champion, not the knee injury which many have said.

“No, because the knee buckled after an uppercut on his chin,” Ngannou said. “You can look at the video about it, so you can find out and you will see the uppercut. That might be why his knee buckled because he got disconnected.”

Although Ngannou wasn’t sure the uppercut hit him clean as he was focusing on throwing other punches when Velasquez he knew it was because of his uppercut. And, after watching the fight again, he was confident that is what happened.

“In the fight, I couldn’t see that, but I watched the video and you guys can also watch the video,” Ngannou said. “So when the uppercut, that shot connected he just fell right way. I think that’s what hurt his knee.”

Now, Ngannou wants a title shot. He believes he is a better fighter now than he was a year ago. And what would be better than Ngannou fighting Daniel Cormier as Cormier looks to avenge his longtime friend and training partner in Velasquez?

“I think what should be next for me is the title shot,” Ngannou said. “I think Cain is the one that the victory against him, after that you deserve a title shot.

“He (Cormier) should come to avenge his teammate, I think that would be a good matchup,” he later added. “I’ll get that done as well.”

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