Gurdarshan Mangat uses Chinese Fire Massage for healing

Gurdarshan Mangat uses Chinese Fire Massage for healing

Canadian-Indian sensation Gurdarshan Mangat (16-3) returns to the ONE Championship Circle in a flyweight MMA contest against Yodkaikaew Fairtex (7-4-1) at ONE 158 on Friday, June 3 in Singapore.

Just days ahead of the upcoming fight, Mangat posted a video of a unique recovery technique rarely used in the combat sports world.

“Pushed new levels of training and recovery but took it back to the ancient philosophies …same elements that can hurt us, can also heal us . Fire Energy running through the physical/ mental and spiritual that you can harness and use when necessary .. New levels of the mind for the new levels to own the top🔥”

In the clip above, Mangat is using what is referred to as Chinese Fire Massage, to help heal from injuries and soreness resulting from training.

Although the specifics may vary, Chinese fire massage usually involves placing a cloth soaked in alcohol and a “special elixir” over the face, back, legs, belly or other problem area. The cloth is lit on fire and allowed to burn for up to a minute before the therapist smothers the flames with a wet towel.

The traditional practice is based on the Chinese belief that our wellness depends on maintaining a balance of “hot” and “cold” elements in the body, according to Medical Daily, to achieve harmony between the body, mind and “qi” or “chi” or what they consider to be the driving life force.

According to studies, some of the benefits are:

Relieves pain. A few studies have been done on the effect of therapy on neck pain and lower back pain. …
Increase your energy level. …
Speeds up recovery from soft tissue injuries. …
Improves your blood circulation. …
Supports emotional health.

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