Hotsuit and Everlast start the year with a bang with the ultimate collab for UFC!

Hotsuit and Everlast start the year with a bang with the ultimate collab for UFC!

The biggest MMA fighting championship is almost about to start for the year, and the UFC fighters have never been more ready with the best possible gear there is.

You heard it here first, folks, Hotsuit and Everlast have teamed for this UFC season and have designed some of the most sophisticated equipment and gear for the highest level fighters in the world.

If that doesn’t excite you, knowing more about these two companies and what they are bringing to the table definitely will!

The everlasting brand for MMA fighters

 If you are a UFC fan, then there is no possible way you haven’t heard of Everlast.

Everlast has been in the MMA scene since the 1910, manufacturing some of the best MMA and fitness equipment.

It has been the choice of gear for legends like Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson and so many more.

In the 1919 World Heavyweight Championship, it was Everlast’s gloves that helped Dempsey win the title.

You understand now that Everlast is synonymous to MMA, as their slogan goes “We are Fight Sports”.

Hotsuit making the UFC fighters sweat this season

 Hotsuit has been the leading manufacturer of using some of the best and sophisticated technology for their fitness and athleisure gear.

They are most famous for their Sauna Sweat suit, using patented fabric that is responsible for accelerating the body temperature and activating sweat glands.

The whole point of their gear is to make you sweat faster and harder, so that you can achieve the optimal results of your work out.

This time around, they have yet again used some of their clever technology to design a sauna suit especially for professional fighters.

Hotsuit has incorporated graphene into their sauna suits which is supposed to double the rate of your perspiration.

The element graphene has a far-infrared heat accumulation function which will evenly and efficiently warm up the body.

These sauna suits also have a beautiful honeycomb pattern which also has a purpose apart from aesthetic. It is supposed to ensure your body heat is evenly distributed throughout so you don’t get overheated.

You might be wondering: aren’t all athleisure clothes supposed to make you sweat? Yes, but most athleisure fabric will not protect you from the growth of bacteria which is where graphene comes in.

The graphene incorporated sauna suits by Hotsuit will help you stay dry and comfortable even during the most intense workouts.

The ultimate collaboration

 Now that you are aware of the excellence of both these brands, you should know that they have teamed up together to create some of the most phenomenal gear that MMA fighters can have.

Endorsed by Rose Namajunas, better known as Thug Rose, herself, Hotsuit and Everlast are bringing the best sweat and boxing style to you.


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