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How to write an essay effortlessly

In addition to writing diplomas and term papers, tests, and essays, students have to write and design essays. This type of work is characterized by greater freedom of expression, but there are still general rules for its creation.


What is an essay

The word “essay” is borrowed from the French, and its roots go back to the Latin concept of exagium – weighing. In French, the word means – an essay, an outline.

An essay is a short essay written in free form. It should reflect the personal impressions and thoughts of the author on a particular topic or issue. An essay does not claim to be an exhaustive treatment of a phenomenon or subject.


Important! An essay implies a philosophical statement of the author’s position.


It is possible to distinguish the essay as a genre by the following signs:

  • The presence of a specific topic. If the topic deals with several issues, it is classified as an essay. Read what is literary analysis.
  • The author of the essay expresses a new, subjective opinion. The nature of the work can be publicists, popular science, critical, or fiction (close to the style of presentation in fiction).
  • The content of the essay primarily reflects the personal characteristics of the author.


The purpose of the essay is to develop the skills of writing and arguing one’s thoughts.


Structure of the essay

In the work, there are several parts, each of which is created according to certain rules.


Title page

In the essay, as well as in other scientific works, there should be a title page. It indicates the full name of the educational institution, information about the performer and his supervisor, the place where the essay was written. In the middle of the title page indicate the topic of the essay.


Introduction and the main part

The main part of the essay describes the chosen topic, the results of the research. This part of the work should be 2-3 pages long.


Conclusions and recommendations

The concluding part of the essay sums up and has a volume of 1-2 pages. After the conclusions make a list of references. It lists the printed sources from which the information was taken.


How to write a great essay

The author writes the essay in a style close to conversational. However, he argues his position based on facts. Another important requirement for an essay is brevity.

Students usually choose a topic from the list offered by the teacher. However, sometimes the trainee selects the problem independently. When choosing a topic, it is important to rely on already existing knowledge. If you have some troubles, you can buy essay online or follow our tips below!


Basic rules for writing an essay:

  • Before starting the work, it is important to formulate the main idea of the essay. It is also important to choose quality sources.
  • Techniques of freewriting allow you to cope with the lack of ideas at the beginning of the work. The method consists of describing all the thoughts that come into your head.
  • You can proceed immediately to the main part, and after its completion write the introduction.
  • The topic on which the essay is written should be topical.


How to make an essay plan

Since the plan will change in the process of creating the work, it is not given much time at the initial stage. In addition, it can be not made at all, because essay writing assumes that there are no strict limitations.

A tentative outline is the thoughts you would like the essay to reflect on. After creating the structure, it is worth considering whether all of its points are fully disclosed.


Essay Formatting

Usually, each educational institution has adopted its requirements for the design of research papers. However, it is worth considering the most commonly used ones.



It is recommended to divide the main part of the subheading. They are highlighted in bold type. Subheadings are written with an indent, with a capital letter, without a point or other punctuation marks at the end.


Graphical data

Tables and diagrams are appropriate to place in the main body of the essay. Figures are not numbered, and the title is placed in the middle of the line, below the image. Tables are described at the top.


Page numbering

When writing an essay, continuous numbering is used. It is not put on the title page, but it is taken into account.


Differences between essays

An essay should not present objective facts. In a small essay, the problem is described from the author’s point of view. He must convince the reader by arguing his position.

An abstract is a more in-depth scientific work, which requires consideration of many aspects of a voluminous topic. While the short essay is used in the first years of secondary and higher education, the abstract is used at the stage of obtaining a degree, for example, when passing the Ph.

Since the rules of the essay are conditional, the author can demonstrate his or her creative abilities to the fullest extent. It is not uncommon for applicants for a responsible position to be asked to write an essay.

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