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Ike Villanueva Lands a Huge Right to Stop Vinicius Moreira at #UFCFightIsland8

Ike Villanueva (17-11) has struggled inside the UFC since signing from the Fury Fighting Championship to the UFC. He was coming off four straight knockouts for the organization including a first-round finish over Rashad Coulter. However, which got followed up with him getting knocked out by Chase Sherman and then again by Jordan Wright down at light heavyweight.

Suffering even worse form is Vinicius Moreira (9-4) who is without a win since August 2018. That was on the Contender Series where Moreira showcased his elite jiu-jitsu wrapping John Allan up in a triangle choke – his fifth submission in a row. Since that fight he has dropped three straight and has been finished in all of them.

Complicating matters he received a warning from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, announced in a press release last Friday. In it, USADA officials note that the light heavyweight tested positive for anastrozole in an out-of-competition urine sample collected September 25, 2020. The substance, which falls under the category of Hormone and Metabolic Modulators, is prohibited at all times under the UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy – but he was still able to compete.

Here is how the fight at UFC Fight Island 8 played out:


Jason Herzog is the man in charge. Ike showing his fasts hands already. Moreira showing his high guard. Moreira is on his back foot. A front kick to the body from Moreira. Ike goes to the body with a hard straight right. Big leg kick lands for Moreira. Ike rushing in and lands a flurry of hooks. Ike lands a huge right hook – that seems to momentarily stun Moreira. Moreira steps in and Ike lands a uppercut. Ike catches a body kick and returns with a right hand. Round one in the books.

MyMMANews.com scores it: 10-9 to Ike Villanueva


Round two kicks off. Moreira doubles up the uppercut. Ike Villanueva misses a left hook – but follows up with a huge right hand over the top that connects sweet on the chin and it knocks Vinicius Moreira out cold.

MyMMANews.com scores it:


MyMMANews.com scores it:

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