Music Fighters Train To

Jabs and Jams #6: Music Fighters Train To

MMA fighters are always going full bore with arduous training. Motivation can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis but music is a sure-fire means to conjure up those feelings. The fuel to push through those last few reps, that last 100 meters of your run, or that last sparring session of the day. These euphoric feelings can come from genres of all types and fighters sure train to some eclectic tunes. This is Jabs and Jams: Music Fighters Train To.

Music Fighters Train To

DeAnna Bennett

“Love it. Who doesn’t want some Iggy Pop?….I always loved that quote (“A street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm” quote in her Instagram bio). That describes me quite well actually so I’m taking it. Oh man, you hit it straight on the head right there as far as my taste because I’m all across the board. People in New Jersey are not quite hip to what I like to listen to. I usually get vetoed as far as the music goes. But it ranges anywhere from show tunes to like you said Die Antwoord. Love, love, love them. I will see them whenever I can in concert. Those were some of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to.”

Dominic Mazzotta

“I’m a hip hop head. I actually used to be a rapper. Couple mixtapes. I actually opened up for Wiz Khalifa one time and I got a song with Royce Da 59. It’s pretty crazy when you put it into perspective. But it’s just part of life. I actually contribute my being in front of crowds to that. Whenever you walk into a hip hop show and you’re the only caucasian person there, it can be a little bit tense sometimes. It’s kind of the same thing, you’re walking to an MMA fight and it’s really intense. I think that I got my calmness from kind of being a performer….Maybe in the future I can have Wiz walk out with me (to the Bellator cage)”

Music Fighters Train To. Transcriptions courtesy of Bowks Talking Bouts

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