Jason Mayhem Miller arrested, domestic violence

Jason “Mayhem” Miller arrested again

Ok, so the headline is becoming pretty regular but it was just announced about 36 ours ago that Jason Miller was fighting in Italy under the Vellator banner against Luke Barnett this spring.

We are being told now via TMZ that Miller was arrested for DUI this weekend officers brought the cavalry to the arrest scene, just in case he decided to get violent with cops again.

According to TMZ: “Sources say there were roughly 15 cops on scene and a K9 unit to provide assistance.

When the gang arrived to the scene, we’re told Miller had “obvious signs of intoxication” — and then bombed several field sobriety tests.

He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and hauled to a nearby jail.

We’re told Miller was mouthy with cops during the incident … but didn’t get violent this time — which is a step in the right direction considering his past.

Miller was cited and has since been released from custody.”

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