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Jeremy Stephens doesn’t expect Yair Rodriguez to accept rematch

In the main event of UFC Mexico City, Jeremy Stephens was taking on Yair Rodriguez. It was a very interesting fight, yet the outcome was disappointing. Rodriguez poked Stephens in the eye, 15 seconds in and the fight was ruled a no-contest.

Now, days later, Stephens says everything is fine, but he still needs to be cleared.

“Everything’s all right,” Stephens said to MMA Fighting. “I’m going to the doctor later today to get this cleared and get (an) on-the-American-soil opinion and everything’s all good. It’s a little sore. I have a laceration, a small cut over both my eyes, but all in all nothing major, which is good.

“It’s one of them little freaky things. I’ve had my eye orbital broken in the Donald Cerrone fight, and that dude is a killer. Way more fierce than the karate kid (Yair Rodriguez), and it’s just one of those weird things, I can’t explain it. I’ve been in 50 fights, amateur and pro, and it’s one of those weird things. It just sucks.”

Once Jeremy Stephens is healthy, he is very clear what he wants next.

“Let’s run it back,” Stephens said. “That’s what I was telling him. Bring it. I’m in shape, you’re in shape, we both spent money, we both lost money on this, now it’s a check raise. Now, more eyes are on the show. Come over and we do this on American soil, and let’s see how they treat you over here. Bring it on.”

Although Stephens wants the rematch against Yair Rodriguez, he isn’t sure the Mexican will accept it.

“I guarantee you the kid doesn’t want it,” Stephens said about Rodriguez. “My bet money is that he doesn’t accept the fight, he bitches out and runs. That’s what he does. You saw how he acted after the win. He’s celebrating like he won over an eye poke. Who does that? The kid was nervous all week. I was up in his head, I’m still in his head, and he can either accept the fight or get the f—k out of my way.

“These are facts. I’ve never been cut from the UFC for not taking fights. I took a fight [against Zabit Magomedsharipov] when he wouldn’t take it. Who’s the bitch and who’s speaking real facts here? I pushed the kid and he didn’t do s—t.”

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