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Jesse Burke continuing to work craft as he prepares for USKA Fight Night Interviews MMA News 

Jesse Burke continuing to work craft as he prepares for USKA Fight Night

The first time that I saw Jesse Burke kickboxing at the most recent USKA event, I was hooked.  You could hear the crispness of his strikes and conceptualize his raw strength when he landed those hands. Burke seemed in his element as he danced and ducked, inviting strikes from his opponent so that he could punish him on the counter attack.

Jesse is the type of fighter that fans pay to see.  He brings a personality and a swagger, but with respect.  He’s used his abilities and hard work to become 6-1 in his kickboxing career and also sports a 2-0 MMA record inside of the cage.

Burke steps into the USKA ring on January 20th taking on the undefeated (7-0) Demeko Boyd as they go toe to toe for a championship belt.

” I don’t know much about my opponent other than where he trains.  I train every day not for this fight, but for the future. I’ll keep working hard and good things will come.”

Recently, I grabbed a few minutes with Jesse.  Please listen in below as he tells me a bit about his career path thus far and how he sees his upcoming title fight playing out.  I’m very excited to be ringside for this brawl.  We’ll have results and a recap right here at MyMMANews.


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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

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