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Joe Rogan staying with UFC, involved in fewer shows MMA News 

Joe Rogan staying with UFC, involved in fewer shows

Joe Rogan staying with UFC, involved in fewer shows

Joe Rogan interviewing Ronda Rousey
Joe Rogan interviewing Ronda Rousey

Comedian Joe Rogan has been involved with the UFC since 1997 and has recently sought out a less involved work schedule with the world’s largest mixed martial arts organization.  With the expansion of the sport overseas and shows almost every weekend to include events leading up to the fights, Rogan’s schedule has become extremely booked, leaving little time for his true passion, comedy.

Today during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan announced that he has worked out a deal with the UFC to keep him on board for at least another year with a reduced schedule.

“I signed for at least one more year. I was on the fence man, I just do too much shit. I’m too fucking busy. I don’t know if I’m doing myself or all the other things I do a disservice,”

“I had a conversation with Dana, we had a bunch of conversations. What I decided to do was no more international travel. No more flying across the planet.”

“I was really convinced it was over. [UFC 196], that night was so crazy and so chaotic. I walked out of there like, “How can I not do this? I’m sitting right there cageside for the craziest shit in the sporting world ever!”

“I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t appreciate it or that I don’t know how lucky I am or that I don’t think it’s an amazing jobs. I definitely do. I’m almost too lucky, I have too many amazing jobs.”

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One thought on “Joe Rogan staying with UFC, involved in fewer shows

  1. There is a 100% chance he will stop doing 50% of shows if the UFC is sold.