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Joe Solecki talks about his impressive submission over Austin Hubbard, his soaring team, and near future

Interview with Joe Solecki above

Joe Solecki is putting his name on the map in the UFC.  After an impressive standing rear-naked choke submission victory in round one against Austin Hubbard this past weekend at UFC Fight Night, Solecki moved his record to 10-2 with 8 finishes.  Soleck earned his UFC contract with a 1st round guillotine choke in July of last year and now after two wins seems to have some momentum moving forward into a possible future match-up with a top 10 lightweight.  But first, he will take a deep breath and let his wife do the work as she is expecting the birth of their daughter any time now.

In his win over Hubbard, Solecki was really looking sharp with his hands and then his coach turned out to be a prophet.  Joe says…

“My coach actually predicted that Austin was going to shoot after I connect with a couple combinations and that is exactly what happened.  I was able to avoid it and transition to hop on his back and get the body lock.  Funny thing is I was talking  with John Salter all week and I was like… standing back takes can’t be my thing any more because guys at this level are too good at grinding it out and then your legs are dead afterward.  I was literally having the debate in my head should I let go and try to get behind him and circle around and turn in into a double leg…uhhh I think I can choke him out from here.  There was so much going on in my head.  Do I keep the body-lock, do I go back to hooks.  You just think the funniest things in fights when you have down time like that in these stale positions.  Damn I just contradicted myself.  John said not to take his back standing, I hope this works out.”

Please checkout our full interview on the link above.  Joe is a great talker and an even better human.  We talk about his upcoming parenthood, how he got to this point in his career and what he expects in the future as far as his fighting career goes.

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