Jon Jones hopes victory would make a good comeback story

When we discuss the fighter Jon Jones, many people may have some negative comments about Jones troubling past. Jones wants to put all of that behind him with a victory at UFC 232 against Alexander Gustafsson and to reclaim his Light Heavyweight belt.

Ahead of his upcoming fight, Jones talked about his legacy and how he should be viewed.

“I want to be a bad motherf*cker at the end of the day,” Jones stated during today’s UFC 232 media teleconference.

“Am I perfect: no? Am I a christian who swears: yes. Do I love God? Yes. Do I love my family? Yes. Am I a bad motherf*cker in that ring?  Yes. That’s it, man,” he continued.

It’s true most fighters in a fight with this magnitude say it’s the biggest fight of his/her career. Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg said it of their co-main event fight. Alexander Gustafson said it of this fight. Gustafson almost feels that winning the fight over Jones is more important for his career. For Jones, it’s just another fight.

“This is what I am,” Jones confirmed.

“This is my comfort zone. High level fighting is my comfort zone. Championship fighting is my comfort zone. Five round fighting is my comfort zone. Fighting the baddest dude in the world is my comfort zone, Ive been doing this sh*t since I was 23-years old. And its always been exactly the same, with a hand raised. So thats all it tells me is that it’s another day at the office.”

Later on, Jones addressed recent allegations about possible steroid use against Daniel Cormier. Jones had a message to any fighter who used that as an excuse against him, specifically Cormier.

“The only reason I brought up Daniel’s name is because he brought up my name,” Jones said.

“I’ve just been quiet for a whole year. Now I’m back ready to reclaim my throne and I’m not going to be quiet any longer. Daniel Cormier opened his mouth about me, convinced people that steroids had something to do with my success. I’m going to nip it in the bud. I’m not out to get Daniel Cormier, I’m just protecting myself,” he finished.

Jones did comment on what he’d like to do coming back to the sport.

“I have a fresh start … In my spirit I have a fresh start,” Jones exclaimed.

“I think at the end of the day most things are forgivable, especially in American culture. I feel like American people love a good comeback story. They love to build athletes and celebrities up. A lot of people enjoy watching people fall. But a lot of people enjoy watching people climb after this bullsh*t. and my goal is to climb back up and get it right,” he finished.

Beyond this fight, time will tell if Jones has matured the way he feels he has. He certainly seems more focused on his comeback and moving forward in his fight career. With a fresh start for the former champion, Jones looks to regain his Light Heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 in Las Vegas, NV.



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