Jon Romero

Jon Romero working hard, ready for CFFC 67

Jon Romero has always loved sports.  He played baseball and all of the popular team sports while growing up.  When he completed school, he was very fond of boxing and wanted to become a professional boxer.  Unfortunately at that time, boxing seemed to have faded into obscurity.

Jon Romero
Eric Roncoroni Billy Dee Williams Jon Romero

There weren’t many boxing events or gyms that were within his grasp, therefore he could not follow his dream. Boxing has since made it’s way back into the mainstream with many more regional events and opportunities, but once Jon put his nose to the grindstone in the MMA gym, he found out early on that he was a pretty good grappler.

Romero made connections and friends that kept him training and learning more and more about mixed martial arts.

The 3-1  heavyweight is a gym rat.  Whether it’s strength and conditioning with the OG Billy Dee Williams at Beyond Fitness, or in his newest home, Carnicella MMA, he is comfortable and enjoys improving his body and his game.  Jon has a very strong support system with his lady and his family.  They have helped him get to this point as he now has four fights under his belt.  Like every young fighter, he has aspirations of getting to the big stage and making a career out of punching people in the face.

In Philadelphia’s renowned 2300 Arena, September 16 at CFFC 67, Romero is stepping into the cage with the very tough, Marine Corps Veteran, Jason Heflin (1-1).

Heflin lives the life of a fighter and is a very tough task for Jon.  Jon has much respect for Jason in and out of the cage.  He knows that he is in for the toughest fight of his career.  Romero and I chatted for a few minutes about his training and his fight coming up in less than two weeks.

Please give a listen below.  With a victory, Jon pushes himself into title contention.


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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni
More than 15 years experience in the PA/NJ regional MMA circuit. Commentator/post fight interviews/pre-fight show host @ Art of War Cage Fighting and Ring of Combat The story of the fighter is what Bob loves about the sport. From the lowest level, to the highest, he only cares about the two warriors who do battle once the cage doors close. Everything else is secondary. Without their blood, sweat, and tears, he would not be here enjoying every minute.