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Josh Jackson: “I think I’m going to finish him in the second”

Interview with Josh Jackson above

This Saturday, July 17th, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is in for a night of thrills as Fight World 18 makes its way to the east coast. Long overdue for a triumphant return, New Mexico’s, Fight World is the very promotion that offered today’s superstars such as Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit and Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means a platform to launch their successful careers. With plenty of skin in the game and today’s superstars waiting to be discovered, Fight World 18 is upon us in just a matter of days.

Crazy 88 and The Fort’s, Josh Jackson will be stepping back in the cage after the longest layoff in his athletic career. Coming off of a win in 2019, Jackson makes his return against Tyler Collins in a 160lb catchweight on Jackson’s road to 155lbs.

“I’m very excited,” Jackson relays about his comeback fight. “ I don’t think I’ve ever had this long of a layoff or anything as far as sports go, so I’m excited.” Following his recent win at Shogun Fights, however, the world was limited with entertainment due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses were closing, sporting events were becoming less abundant, and even worse for Jackson, his professional fighting career was unwillingly put on hold.

However, seeing the glass as half full, Jackson was happy he “had time to kind of take things apart,” he says breaking down his overall game. “It was a fight camp mentality with an emphasis on becoming more well-rounded,” he says. “We’ve done a lot to be more technical,” he emphasizes about his improvements in the gym. Forecasting, “I’ve gotten a lot better everywhere and I think that well-roundedness is going to take me far.”

Josh Jackson returns against Tyler Collins this Saturday, July 17th at Fight World 18. Fight night takes place at The Orchards Ballroom in Chambersburg, PA.

Tune in above to check out the entire interview as Josh Jackson checks in with MyMMANews ahead of Fight World 18. He discusses getting back into the cage after his longest layoff to date, how he plans on taking Tyler Collins out, his preparation going into the bout and so much more as he predicts his second-round stoppage!

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