Kalyn Schwartz

Kalyn Schwartz – Fight Me Bitch

After winning the biggest fight of her mixed martial arts career in September 2016, the Kalyn Schwartz hype train experienced a hiccup. The Marine Corps Veteran aptly nicknamed “.50 Kal” defeated world kickboxing champion Tiffany Van Soest at Invicta FC 19. The submission victory came in Schwartz’ pro MMA debut.

Then after the huge confidence boost, Schwartz ran into Miranda Maverick at Invicta FC 22 in March 2017. That’s when Schwartz experience loss for the first time. She was submitted in the first round and has not had a fight since.Kalyn Schwartz

Today Schwartz went to Facebook to vent her frustrations. “If you’re wondering why I haven’t fought since March, I’m also wondering the same thing #fightmebitch”

After the post MyMMANews reached out to Schwartz who said she is still under contract with Invicta but has their blessing to fight outside the organization.

When asked if her “Fight Me Bitch” comment was directed any one individual competitor she said, “I don’t have anyone to call out that I particularly care for. I would fight at 125 or 115. I just want to get in there and it’s frustrating.”

While Schwartz does have Invicta’s permission to fight elsewhere, getting a fight has not been easy.

“Invicta has been booked up and the smaller shows are lagging ass on getting things confirmed,” she said.

Anyone on your radar?

“I’m not a shit talker, confrontation gives me anxiety. People have told me to start calling out fighters, maybe one day but it doesn’t feel like my style.”

“I just love the sport and to be honest, I just want to scrap.

Not only does Schwartz want to scrap, she is giving the sport her all in the process.


Kalyn Schwartz
Kalyn Schwartz (top right), Invicta FC competitor is wrestling for Southern Oregon University.

“I feel like there’s a ton of opportunity out there and I guess I’m going to start knocking down doors. After taking my first loss there’s a ton of reason to be hesitant… But after a little soul searching, moving states, joining a new team, and scraping by with pebbles for the last few months because training is more important than working, I’m fucking fed up.”

She enlisted in the Marine Corps at an early age, providing a commitment to nation.  After fulfilling her enlistment Schwartz attended college where she trained on the wrestling team.  Now, she just wants to fight.

“Everyday I choose fighting and training over a stable job, education, and even family. It’s hard to do that day in and day out without a fight lined up. I think I speak for all fighters when I say that situations like these are the most harrowing parts of a fight career.”

Who has a fight for .50 Kal Kalyn Schwartz ?

Before the 2017 calendar year is out Schwartz would like to see a fight booked.

Will any female fighters at 115 or 125 pounds take the call?

Will any promoters step up to the plate and offer the fight?