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Kamaru Usman says UFC fighters need to keep him motivated, otherwise options like Jake Paul are out there

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (19-1) is arguably one of the best to ever compete in mixed martial arts, but how long will the sport hold his interest?

“I’m starting to get a little bored,” Usman said while speaking on the Jim Rome show.

“I hear this little YouTube, Disney kid (Jake Paul) running his mouth and saying he is going to this and that to me.  I don’t make it a habit of beating u fake fighters, but if it turns out to be something that makes sense and the world really wants me to go out there and put my foot in this kid’s mouth, then I might actually have to do that,” Usman continued.

Usman is referring to one of the hottest prospects in boxing right now, YouTube sensation Jake Paul.

The reigning 170-pound champion Usman is just one of the many UFC stars that Paul has been antagonizing on social media.

While Usman is currently under contract with the UFC, and President Dana White has stated that Paul needs to stop calling out his fighters, the possibility of the fight does not seem to disinterest the “Nigerian Nightmare.”  In fact, Usman seemed to feel that if there was enough interest, the Paul fight would be something he might pursue.

“But, if it turns out that (Colby) Covington can kind of create that buzz, that gets me off the couch, and really give that some attention, then I might do that as well,” Usman said in response to a possible rematch with his former teammate.

“Nothing is off the table because I never say ‘never’ to anything, but at the end of the day I just need something to motivate me there because if they don’t, then I’m just going to work on something outside of the cage, that’s going to at least keep me entertained and motivate me.”

Usman defeated Covington in the fifth round of their epic welterweight title clash at UFC 245.  Since then Usman has gone on to defend his title twice against Jorge Masvidal and also holds a title defense victory over Gilbert Burns.

Currently the two frontrunners to challenge for Usman’s welterweight title are Covington and Michael Chiesa, but no fight has officially been announced.

Paul is coming off a first round finish of former UFC fighter Ben Askren last month under the Triller banner.

Will we see Kamaru Usman vs. Jake Paul?


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