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KASAI PRO Results from Greenpoint Terminal in Brooklyn, New York

On Saturday, December 9, 2017, KASAI PRO will take over the Greenpoint Terminal in Brooklyn, New York.

Founded just last year, President Rolls Gracie and Chief Executive Officer’s Rich Byrne and Ken Gelman are bringing one of the most exciting cards ever to Brooklyn with some of the biggest names in the sport.

The KASAI Pro card will feature a stacked under card, 3 big superfights, and a 8 man round robin tournament to see who the baddest lightweight is. Doors open at 6. Undercard starts at 6:30 pm and the main card starts at 8pm.

Legal Techniques:
• Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the windpipe).
• Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock.
• Any leg lock or ankle lock.
• Slamming can be used only in order to prevent a submission. Otherwise is considered as illegal.

Kasai Pro Gordon Ryan


Main Event Openweight Superfight:

Gordon Ryan vs. Yuri Simões: winner by rear naked choke Gordon Ryan.

Initial 10-minute submission-only bout, additional 6-minute overtime period.
Overtime period contested under IBJJF scoring system.

Kasai Pro Gordon Ryan Kasai Pro results

Eight-Man Tournament for the KASAI World Lightweight Championship and $10,000:

Garry Tonon (Group B)

Mansher Khera (Group B)

Gianni Grippo (Group A)

Celso Vinicius (Group A)

AJ Agazarm (Group B)

‘Junny’ Ocasio (Group A)

Enrico Cocco (Group A)

Renato Canuto (Group B)

Round 1 Group A:

Gianni Grippo vs. Enrico Cocco: Draw (1 point each).

‘Junny’ Ocasio vs. Celso Vinicius: Draw ( 1 point each).

Round 1 Group B:

Garry Tonon vs. Mansher Khera: Draw (1 point each).

AJ Agazarm vs. Renato Canuto: Draw (1 point each).

Round 2 Group A:

Enrico Cocco vs. ‘Junny’ Ocasio: Draw (1 point each).

Celso Vinicius vs. Gianni Grippo: Draw (1 point each).

Round 2 Group B:

Renato Canuto vs. Mansher Khera: winner by points Renato Canuto (earns 2 points).

AJ Agazarm vs. Garry Tonon: winner by points Gary Tonon (earns 2 points).

Round 3 Group A:

Enrico Cocco vs. Celso Vinicius: winner by guillotine choke Celso Vinicius (earns 3 points).

Gianni Grippo vs. ‘Junny’ Ocasio: Draw (1 point each).

Round 3 Group B:

Gary Tonon vs. Renato Canuto: winner by points Renato Canuto (earns 2 points).

Mansher Khera vs. AJ Agazarm: winner by points Mansher Khera (earns 2 points).

3rd Place Finisher:

Gary Tonon vs. Gianni Grippo: winner by points Gianni Grippo.


Celso Vinicius (Group A) vs. Renato Canuto (Group B): winner by judges decision Renato Canuto.

Main Card Middleweight Superfight:

Murilo Santana vs. Craig Jones: winner by negative points Murilo Santana.

Main Card Women’s Featherweight Fight:

Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto vs. Caitlin Huggins: winner by points Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto.


Kasai Pro Kasai Pro results

Lincoln Pereira (Renzo Gracie) vs. Leonardo Delgado (Soul Fighters) No-Gi, 175lbs: winner by points Lincoln Pereira.

Nick Ronan (Serra BJJ) vs. Mike D’avila (Marcelo Garcia) No-Gi, 155lbs: winner by rear naked choke Nick Ronan.

Jared Weiner (BJJ United) vs. Mike Medrano (All Star BJJ) No-Gi: winner by points Jared Weiner.

Cameron Florczak (OAMA/Renzo Gracie) vs. Alvaro Tautiva (Vitor Shaolin BJJ) Gi,155lbs*: winner by triangle armbar Cameron Florczak.

John Potts (Monster MMA) vs. Steven Kasten (10th Planet Long Island) No-Gi, 185lbs: winner by leg lock Steven Kasten.

Jobany Rosario (Clockwork) vs. Rickson Pimentel (Essential) Gi, 155lbs*: winner by points Rickson Pimentel.

Jeson Rosario (Bronx Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Sean Yadimarco (Savarese BJJ) Gi, 155lbs*: winner by points Sean Yadimarco.

Brian Richards (Unity) x Ray Sherwood (Marcelo Garcia) No Gi, Heavyweight: winner by points Ray Sherwood.

*Gi matches contested under standard IBJJF rules.

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