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Kickboxing: Gladiator Promotions Present October-Fist; Two NY Titles Events 

Kickboxing: Gladiator Promotions Present October-Fist; Two NY Titles

Gladiator Promotions presents October-fist Saturday, October 18, 2014 at Mulcahy’s Pub, in Wantagh, NY. October-Fist will host twelve bouts of kickboxing, including two female bouts. The P.F.K. East Coast Light Heavyweight Championship and the P.K.F. NY State Welterweight Championship are on the line. Evan Elanchfield of Long Island MMA will face Travis Mason of Shaolin Self Defense in the light Heavyweight title fight. Brian Ziede (Bellmore Kickboxing, NY) will square off against David Padua JR. (PKA Kickboxing, N.J.) for the NY State welterweight championship.

Before the co-main event kicks off, Sarah Thomas (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA, NY) enters the ring against Ashley Peterson (East West MMA, NY) for a 135-pound bout. Thomas enters the ring with a great deal of potential and tenacity. After finally receiving her first MMA bout, Thomas fought a well-rounded opponent, whom has all first round finishes, bringing her to a decision that didn’t go in her favor. The upbeat Thomas used her loss as an educational tool and is eager to get back in the ring.gladiator

The fight card line up is as follows.

11-205- Title Fight- Evan Blanchfield (Long Island MMA) vs. Travis Mason (Shaolin Self Defense)

10- 170- Title Fight- Brian Ziede (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA) vs. David Padua JR (PKA Kickboxing, NJ)

9- Sarah Thomas (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA) vs. Ashley Peterson (East West MMA)

8- Rasheed Abdul (Long Island MMA) vs. Miles Pollak (Shaolin Self Defense)

7- Lisa Becker (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA) vs. Alison Dichter (Fusion MMA, NYC)

6- Brain Canals (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA) vs. Nick Morano (Fitness Through Boxing)

5- Vinny Iuzzolino (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA) vs. Francisco Gomez (PKA Kickboxing, NJ)

4- Thomas Jockin (UFC Gym, Commack, NY) vs. Samuel Franco (PKA Kickboxing, NJ)

3- Billy Mouzakitis (Bellmore Kickboxing/MMA) vs. Ronnie Garcia (Westbuy Boxing)

2- Elvis Camejo (Campbell’s kickboxing) vs. Joe Consiglio (Westbury P.A.L.)

1- Rob McDermott (UFC Gym, Commack, NY) vs. Danny Abdale (Jungle Gym)

Tickets can be purchased online, Click Here, or you may purchase at the door. Doors swing open at 4:30 p.m. and the first fight kicks off an hour later at 5 p. m. at the Mulcahy’s Pub in Wantagh.

Presale tickets start at $50 General Admission, $65 Ringside Stage, $70 Ringside Floor, and VIP tables are available for $375 (includes 5 seats, w/ Waitress service). Mulcahy’s is located at 3232 Railroad Ave. Wantagh, NY.

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