Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko hits back – “You sound like the type of guy who masturbates to women’s tennis”

During Saturday night’s UFC Vegas 76 broadcast, veteran MMA reporter Luke Thomas was giving praise to UFC commentator Laura Sanko when an unsuspecting fan got himself into some hot water.

Thomas tweeted, “Laura Sanko walking you through not only what Grant Dawson was doing from the back position, but also explaining why it carried value is A+ commentary.”

Sanko, thankful for the kind words, responded “Appreciate it Luke. Always means a lot coming from you. I work hard to get better every time. Thanks for the kind words.”

That’s when the Twitter account @Cash1Phoenix might have bitten off more than he could chew.

The man tweeted, “I would be totally fine with her commentary were it not for the fact that she continues to make sex noises every 30 seconds,every time a fighter lands something she screams “ahhhh” “ooooooh” “uuuuuuuh” and it is starting to look deliberate for male viewers,just that kind of girl.”

Sanko, not pleased with the insult hit back. “You sound like the type of guy who masturbates to women’s tennis,” she wrote.

While there is no official social media scorecard for that virtual tongue lashing, Sanko likely scored herself a 10-7 round.

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