Lennox Lewis: Mayweather vs. McGregor is ridiculous, no use in watching

Lennox Lewis: Mayweather vs. McGregor is ridiculous, no use in watching

Lennox Lewis is one of the greatest boxers to have ever competed in the sport. He is a three-time world heavyweight champion, having also held the lineal heavyweight title, and remains the last undisputed heavyweight champion. He fought some of the very best to include Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson.

The International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee is not a fan of the recently announced super fight between boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather Jr., and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

“I can’t take it serious,” Lewis told ESPN. “Mayweather is the best in his weight class; no one can touch him in boxing. He’s a pugilist of the highest order, so for another man from a different sport to fight him?

“It’s ridiculous to me. You are talking about one discipline where you can use only your hands and only a few can do it. Every battle sport always starts with your hands, but they are two totally different sports.

“Floyd will stop him. He’s just too good at boxing for McGregor, and McGregor is just too inexperienced. I wouldn’t buy it, but I would be interested in the result. To me, I know who is going to win already, so there’s no use in watching it.”

Will it ruin boxing?

“I don’t believe it would damage boxing because [it’s] always going to be about man will always want to fight, and man will always want to know the result,” Lewis said.

“I love Bruce Lee and the other disciplines, and when he fought against other fighters, you wanted to see the differences, so I can see the appeal.”

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