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Leon Edwards explains why Jorge Masvidal doesn’t deserve title shot

After Jorge Masvidal beat Ben Askren by knockout in just five-seconds, many thought he was next in line for a title shot. But, welterweight contender, Leon Edwards doesn’t believe that is the case. Why? Well, he doesn’t think Ben Askren was that good and a win over him shouldn’t result in a title shot.

“I never held Askren in high regard anyway,” Edwards told MMA Fighting, downplaying Masvidal’s victory. “He just shouted his mouth off the get to where he’s at. He’s an amateur on the feet, I’ve watched him hit pads and it’s weird; even his shots are slow. He came in, he talked his way up into the position he was in and then he dipped his head into a knee.

“It’s madness, really,” he added. “I don’t know where all of this title talk is coming from. Just two fights ago he was on a two-fight losing streak, he was probably gonna get cut from the UFC. I think the title talk is nonsense. It’s madness, but f*ck it, it is what it is.”

Edwards and Masvidal have not gotten along since the ‘three-piece and a soda’ incident back in March. Since then, many thought the two would fight next but that is not the case. Although they aren’t scheduled to fight in the UFC, Edwards wouldn’t mind fighting “Gamebred” in the park in Texas after his fight against Rafael dos Anjos.

“I’d be happy with a straightener [fist fight] in the park,” he said of the fight. “Bring him over to Texas and we can get it straight after the fight. We need to fight.”

Whether or not Jorge Masvidal gets the title shot is to be seen. But, if Leon Edwards was in charge, he would not be giving “Gamebred” the title shot after beating Ben Askren.

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