Luana Pinheiro

Luana Pinheiro praises Brave’s impact in Brazilian MMA

Strawweight star Luana Pinheiro made her international debut at last April’s Brave 13, in Brazil. Her victory against Elaine “Pantera” meant she became the first female Brazilian fighter to win a fight for Brave Combat Federation. And the judo South American champion reserved special praise for her new home.

According to Luana, Brave has become a new goal for Brazilian fighters and she thanked the promotion for its impact in Brazil’s MMA scene. The organization has held three shows thus far in Brazilian soil.

“Nowadays, Brave is recognized as a huge event, in and out of Brazil. I feel the athletes and the community in Brazil respect Brave and the organization itself. And I know the event has great potential to keep growing. Brave means another option for fighters from Brazil. Before they came here, the options were limited and everyone wanted to go to the same place. Brave came to democratize MMA and gives us a platform to showcase our art in huge and very well organized events around the world”, says Luana.

With a 5-1 MMA record after an illustrious judo career, Luana wants to get back to the Brave cage as soon as possible and has earmarked the International Combat Week as a possible venue for her next fight.

“Bahrain is sumptuous and brings great exposure for whoever fights there. I’d like to fight as soon as possible. I’ve been training hard and evolving so I can be ready when the opportunity arises. I would like to fight at the Brave International Combat Week. I’ve heard great things and I would be honored to be a part of such a big milestone for our sport”, claims Pinheiro.

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