Lucas LaRue prepared for pro debut at Combat Night Tampa

Lucas LaRue started his combat sports career in Pennsylvania kickboxing at USKA. I met him as I had been covering the USKA events for MyMMANews as well as conducting post-fight interviews.  LaRue was very savvy and technical for a young fighter, and I became a fan right away.  As Lucas continued to train and take fights, I got to know him and learn about the young warrior.

The Move

I was shocked, but happy for Lucas when he announced that he was leaving the area and heading south to Florida.  Cold turkey, he packed his bags and moved in with a friend and began chasing his dream of becoming a professional fighter.  It didn’t take long for the talented, hard worker to find a home.

Welcome to the Jungle

LaRue walked into The Jungle MMA and Fitness in Orlando and found his new home where he could thrive. Lucas continued working odd jobs and training relentlessly.  It didn’t take long for both LaRue and the Jungle to realize they were perfect for one another. Lucas started taking fights and teaching.  Today, he is a full-time coach and instructor at the Jungle.

The Next Step

After winning his last two MMA fights, LaRue is going pro and will make his debut at Combat Night Tampa on July 29th at the Whitesands Probox Event Center in Plant City, Florida.  His opponent will be Kody Mohns, who also will be fighting as a pro for the first time.

MyMMANews reached out to Lucas LaRue to check in on him and see how he felt about earning that paycheck as a professional fighter and his fight team at the Jungle MMA and Fitness.  He tells us…

“We have very similar amount of fights.  Experience wise it’s very even.  I just think that I have an edge everywhere.  All due respect to him, I’m sure he’s a game opponent.  At the end of the day, he’s just the guy that’s stands in my way from 1-0.  I’ve been working for over seven years now as my primary focus in life and he’s just the next guy in front of me.”

Please check out our interview on the link above

LaRue is proud of his work and his team who he talks about as they have a large number of fighters who he feels are about to breakout as they all work together and fight for the same goal.

Combat Night Tampa, Lucas LaRue

Lucas LaRue

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