Partake in creating the greatest martial arts story ever told in comic book form

Most everyone loves a good underdog story, whether it be in the form of film, novel, or comic book. With a little help from some friends, one of the greatest martial arts stories told in comic book form will become a reality.

Swedish born, Victor Hörnfeldt, lives in Thailand where he and a team of artists are hoping to bring to you the tale, the legend of Chimpis Champ.martial arts comic book

“This book is meant for anyone who has suffered injustice or been told they’re too small,” Hörnfeldt said.

In a nutshell, the story is about a chimpanzee whose family is poached to a zoo. The young chimp is orphaned to a mysterious jungle temple, where he learns the art of Jiu Jitsu from a community of fighting apes. He vows to use his skills and newfound knowledge to rescue his captive family and free all imprisoned animals of to the jungle.”

Hörnfeldt being the author, needed the help of a professional team to help get the project underway.

He has enlisted the workmanship of Ton Lima,Brazilian comic book sketch and ink artist and freelancer.

Lima works for ‘Line Art Studios’ an art studio specializing in comic book art based in Brazil.

Ronaldo is the Colorist.

Ton Lima - comic book
Ton Lima

“Comic book production consists of four roles that are often done by different artists who specialize in each of the fields. There is usually one author, one story board and concept layout artist, one pencil sketch artist, one inker and one colorist,” Hörnfeldt said.

“In our case, I am the author and director, Ton is the layout, pencil, and inker, and Ronaldo is the colorist.”

Understanding the ‘Art’

“I found Ton and Ronaldo by pure chance,” Hörnfeldt said.

Ronaldo - Colorist
Ronaldo Colorist

“I posted announcements that I was looking for an artist for this book on various sites and interviewed 86 candidates. Ton had the best artwork out of the entire list (including Disney, Marvel and DC comic artist) and just happened to train BJJ. He showed amazing Jiu Jitsu movment understanding in artwork which only comes from understanding and performing the techniques. So his understanding of grappling movement and how to illustrate it, was largely responsible for his selection.”

Hörnfeldt himself is a purple belt in the the 10th Planet System (under Nathan Orchard).

How You Can Help and Be Part of the Book

The artists offer 12 different reward packages (starting at just $1) listed on the GoFundMe site. For example you can get you or your family drawn into the story, or they can create a unique mixed martial ape based on your photo and preferred ape species, your academy gi (or any martial arts attire), your personality/character traits .

Visit the GoFundMe here

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