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“We will move heaven and earth to get everyone back on the mat once this COVID-19 issue ends” says Will Martinez

Will Martinez is a Bellator veteran with an impressive 13-3-1 professional record.  He is an accomplished grappler and owner/operator of Martinez BJJ located in Northeast Philadelphia, who has a deep, rugged fight team.  There is a lot of reasons to look up to him, but the most important is that he is a leader.  He has his wife and children, he has the extended family at his school, and he is also a well respected voice in the community, especially when it comes to mixed martial arts.  With the entire world facing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, I reached out to get his input on how it was affecting the sport and lifestyle that he loves. You can see our interview on the link above.  He tells MyMMANews…

“During these next two weeks we will be closed as are all of the schools and training facilities in the area. I want people to still do their warm-ups at home.  Do your calisthenics, push-ups, jumping jacks.  Parents should work-out with your children.  Back when I started training jiu-jitsu, my brother Chavo and I used to move the furniture and roll on the carpet.  You don’t have to go super-hard but enough to get your body moving.  Movements and drills and when we come back, everyone should be fine.”

Martinez will be the first one to volunteer to help out other schools, fighters and anyone who needs assistance and that is why his voice carries much weight in the sport.  He is never afraid of hard work and preparation which is why his students all love him.  He truly means it when he says he will move heaven and earth for his members whether a fighter or not.

I truly appreciate the open door policy he has always had for me when it comes to stopping in to interview a fighter with an event coming up.  He treats everyone that way and it’s probably why his business is so successful.  You can check them out at 3511 Cottman Avenue.  Hopefully the next visit we will be chatting about fights!

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