Matt Coleman, USKA

Matt Coleman ready to battle for Cruiserweight title at USKA: Night of Champions

I didn’t need to watch his all out brawl between with Brad Mountain at EWC 8 to become a fan of Matt Coleman  It wasn’t just his long and battle-tested fight resume that makes me root for him.  Reading up on his story and getting the opportunity to talk with Coleman were enough to make me love this man.

Matt Coleman vs Brad Mountain
Matt Coleman vs Brad Mountain

More than 11 years ago, Matt and his former wife were struggling to start a family the natural way.  Instead of investing a lot of money to go through treatments that may or may not have helped him, they showed the compassion and bravery that the world could use more of.

They decided to adopt a baby boy, that through no fault of his own, was born addicted to drugs.  A child that was given very little chance to lead a normal, healthy life now had a chance.  Some said that he would never walk, but Matt Coleman and his ex-wife gave him that chance.

Almost 12 years later, son Jake, is thriving playing basketball and training Muay Thai like the man who brought him up.  Being Jake’s dad is a greater achievement than anyone could accomplish in a ring. When it does come time to fight, Matt doesn’t have to go very far to find motivation.  Seeing what his son has overcome, to become the young man that he is growing into, is enough to bring a man to tears.

On October 21 at USKA Night of Champions, Coleman will attempt to bring his opponent David Oracio to tears, as they go head to head for the USKA Cruiserweight championship.  Oracio is a two-division, USKA World Champion

“He looks like a heavy hitter.  This should be a fun fight. I can beat him in a few different areas. That’s what I have to try to expose. Beware he’s heavy handed, but  I got a hard head so I’m sure he’s gonna test that.  Anyone who’s seen the Brad (Mountain) fight can attest to that.”

Coleman is from Lynchburg, Virginia, and owns and operates Synergy Muay Thai and Boxing Academy. He took some time out from his busy schedule to talk to MyMMANews about his life in and out of the ring. Please listen below as he is quite open about his struggles to become a parent, and how that has helped him to become the father he is today. Of course we talk about his upcoming fight at USKA and how he sees it going.


Matt Coleman, USKA
Rami Ibrahim left and Matt Coleman

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